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Movimiento Estudiantil called on Venezuelans to march 12F

February 11, 2019 22.33
Updated on February 11, 2019 at 23:03

The delegations of the universities that make up the Student Movement Caracas have published a video in which they call on the people of this country to protest this Tuesday for young people.

With audiovisual material distributed on social networks, representatives of several universities, such as the Central University of Venezuela, Simón Bolivar University, Catholic University Andrés Bello, Santa María University, Monteávila University and Alejandro Humbolt University, gave Venezuelan people to the streets.

They summarized the historic events of February 12, the date of commemoration of the Youth Day, as well as violent events that took place that day, but in 2014, in which two young university students died.

MPs of the National Assembly and Juan Guaidó, the temporary president of Venezuela, published on Monday points of concentration on the march, which will take place in the capital of the country, covering mainly the areas east of the city.

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