NASA: They claim that they can take people to Mars in 25 years Earth Space agency | United States | Astronauts World


The The national administration of aeronautics and space (NASA) pointed out through his scientists that in the next 25 years man will be able to land on Mars.

The abyss that exists to perform such a feat is great because before they have to overcome the technological and medical obstacles that this dangerous journey involves man.

Possible loss of eyesight, deadly cosmic radiation and bone atrophy are some of the challenges that people of science must overcome.

"With current budgets or something, it will take about 25 years to solve these problems," said NASA astronaut Tom Jones, who has experience in space travel.

In addition, at a press conference in Washington He said: "We must start with some key technologies" –

It should be noted that with current technology astronauts would need almost nine months to reach Mars, in addition to the excessive physical costs of floating so long in zero gravity.

This can cause irreversible changes in the retinal blood vessels, which can lead to vision deterioration. Not neglecting that being in zero gravity for so long makes the skeleton begin to lose bones and calcium.

This can stop being a problem if the travel time is shortened. Jones believes that to make this happen, we need to work on nuclear propulsion systems.

"If we start now, within 25 years we can have technologies available that will help us protect us from such a long journey," he said.

Experts agree that many technologies must be quickly developed, including a ship that can withstand difficult entry Mars and landing softly, as well as the function of returning passengers to Earth.


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