Oumuamua can be an extraterrestrial ship


A year ago, this week, astronomers have discovered an unusual object moving in space near the Earth's orbit. In just a few days they realized that it could not be a normal asteroid or comet; its trajectory showed that it was not gravitationally bound to the solar system. It was therefore the first interstellar body discovered in our solar system that comes from outside. He received the Hawaiian name "Oumuamua", the discoverer.

Astronomers have long believed that comets and asteroids exist in other planetary systems, perhaps "Oumuamua", the mystery still came from one of them.

Most current models of our Solar System suggest that these small bodies are remnants of the planetary age, and other planetary systems should also produce comets and asteroids. Studying them will give insight into the similarities and differences in the formation of the planetary system. So far, however, it was impossible: the alleged large populations of comets and asteroids found in extrasolar discs are far away, and their individual members are weak and not spatially resolved.

"Oumuamua" can be a rare scientific resource and has been the object of intense observation, albeit brief, because it moved so fast that it quickly became too distant and weak to detect it. However, the observations that were completed showed that it was reddish, with no visible spectral characteristics and no traces of gas or dust. All this suggests that it may be a kind of primitive asteroid ("type D"), although in reality there is no known analogue in our solar system. The most noteworthy is that by changing the variable curve of light, it turned out that it has a very elongated shape: six times longer than wide.

Trying to follow his footsteps, he surprised his speed. The lack of an infrared signal, for example, suggests that it has no gas or dust, species that would be expected if it were a comet-like body. Researchers also calculated that, depending on their exact composition and reflection, Oumuamua is at least 240 meters (or maybe even a kilometer) in its longest dimension (for Star Trek fans, some fanatics estimate that the length of the Enterprise is 725 meters). The object has now moved too far to see any of our telescopes, so although it will remain an interstellar secret, it reminds us once more that our cosmic neighborhood is full of surprises.

The Oumuamua asteroid is already passing through our Solar System and heading towards Earth. His changes in speed, trajectory and form have made astronomers at the Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics at Harvard believe that it could be a space spacecraft.

The research work of Harvard astronomers concludes that the asteroid conditions make them believe in the "artificial source" of the rock. It can be several things. The first "luminous candle that floats in space like rubble of technologically advanced equipment".

The second, the most exotic and mysterious, was "a fully functional probe intentionally sent near the Earth by a foreign civilization". The theoretical physicist Avi Loeb Loeb assured the universe Today: "Oumuamua can be an active element of foreign technology to study our Solar System."

'Researchers working in distant space transport have suggested that the shape of a cigar is the most likely interstellar spacecraft architecture because it would minimize friction and damage to interstellar gas,' said Professor Stephen Hawking. die

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