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Pep Guardiola's involvement in the FC Barcelona bench

Pep Guardiola triumphs in Great Britain with Manchester Cityas I have already done in Spain with FC Barcelona (his masterpiece) and in Germany with Bayern Munich. Thorn stayed with Germany to reach the Champions League, the subject being the Etihad stadium for the 2019-2020 academic year. In an interview given to Catalunya Ràdio. master citizen trust the plant as a trainer Xabi Alonso: «He is one of the most satisfying players I have directed and will be a great coach».

However, the most noticeable in the said medium was his opinion on the role Xavi Hernández could have played before Barça: «Xavi was already the coach when he played, his eyes glistened as he watched football. He will be a safe trainer. There are people who played and you would never say they would become coaches. This is not the case. Xavi can train wherever he wants, not just in Barça. You have to give it time. Sooner or later you will reach Barça. He is very young. He knows football, he sees it, he has passion, dedication, he is brave and brave, and he also speaks clearly. I would be excited to train Barça. First of all, he likes to train and looks at everything », said Guardiola, 48.

Similarly Sampedor recognized who were the most powerful opponents with whom faces could be seen: «I love Luis Enrique very much. His club, which played against Bayern in the Champions League semi-final, is Liverpool's toughest opponent I have encountered. This is one of the best people I met in the locker room. He walks over and gives the whole egg. He is direct and very honest. In this draw I came with many victims, half injured team, but if I had the whole team, I would lose the same. They were much better. I found out that Camp Nou never ends, which Valverde told me when I came from Athletic. In the 70th minute we were 0-0 and it was a miracle », finished.

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