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"Spider-Man: Far from home": who is the original EDITH voice?

In the last Marvel movie, to reach our cinemas, we could meet a new character in the universe: EDITH. Artificial intelligence created by Tony & # 39; Stark, and the third after JARVIS and FRIDAY, appears in the film as a legacy that Iron Man left to Peter Parker. Nick Furia supplies this new technology with Tom Holland's spectacles help him in the missions that are still ahead of us.

"Spider-Man: Far from home"

Although the original voice of this character has not been recognized by Marvel fans, his actress is a long knowledge of the saga. Dawn Michelle King will be the one who will give life to this new character, according to IMDB, King has participated in many of the company's films recently, although he did it behind the scenes and as an assistant editor. Among the titles appearing in his CV, we find: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Ant-Man, Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 2, Iron Man and the latest Spider-Man: Far from home.

The EDITH character played by the king He appeared for the first time in the newest part of Marvel, but we do not know if it will continue in the next films that will create a new phase 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe, about which there is still very little information.

Spider-Man's success

The film by Jon Watts with Tom Holland and Jake & # 39; em Gyllenhaal is an absolute hit at the box office and among critics and audiences. Phase 3 closing UCM managed to collect over $ 600 million on the first weekend at the box officeand it was the fourth best premiere in cinemas in Spain this year. In addition, the critics and the audience praised the film, especially its two post-credit scenes, which open the door to Marvel's future in the coming years.

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