The man was expelled from a sleeping aircraft from a sleeping pills


one Canadian, Stephen Bennett, the WestJet line was excluded from staff estimates I could not fly after I bought a sleeping pill.

Bennett said BBC world to the drug I swallowed the general practitioner ordered what the flight executives had leftso it was not allowed enter the aircraft until the airport paramedics inform him of the ability to board the flight.

The protagonist of the story pointed to the situation It was "humiliating" for him and his family from Toronto to Cuba.

The airline never calls for an apology in a press release He made sure the crew was right in the position "And we believe that what we did was reasonable in the circumstances at that time."

The company was also stressed that the signs proven at the time of expulsion were "alcohol consumption or consumption of drugs before boarding".

Consumption of the tablet

Stephen Bennett clarified this he could not sleep on a flight that took him from Burbany to Torontoso he decided that sleeping drugs would go to the island.

At that time there was a crew He raised him to expel him from the machine, justifying his decision to make it a "medical emergency".

Moreover, according to Bennett's own report, the problem has increased because his wife does not speak English as a mother tongue, so I could not explain the situation to the hostesses.

Dentists have proven their innocence

It should be noted that after the problem has occurred, Paramedicins have made sure Bennett is in the right condition and able to fly, however, it was not necessary to enter.

"It was so humiliating. Basically, the stewardess became a judge, a jury, and a chancellorhe muttered.

The affected man said who wants financial compensation and explains why he was unable to return to the flight as soon as the on-site paramedicines knew they could fly.


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