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The mayor of Maracaibo stopped charging foreign currencies at Los Plataneros

Speculative prices and fees in dollars and Colombian Pesos at the time of the sale of basic necessities were part of the irregularities found on the Los Plataneros market during an unexpected operation carried out by the mayor of Maracaibo.

The operation resulted in the arrest of three people for the above-mentioned reasons, as well as supervision of Sedematu, Polimaracaibo and other officials of the Mayor's Office, led by a municipal consortium, to guarantee respect for and compliance with the law and to stop the collection in foreign currencies and speculation.

Director of Civil Security, César Garrido, prosecutor, Joon Labarca, director of the Municipal Decentralized Tax Administration Service (Sedemm), Jean Carlos Martínez, among other municipalities visited trade establishments and informal sellers of this commercial area, check whether his activities are directed according to good collective.

"Following the instructions issued by the mayor of Willy & # 39; Casanova, we deal with this area of ​​many complaints we received in connection with the plan to affect our currency, because we could see how in the last few days have been selling products such as egg cartons and bananas in dollars, which is illegal due to the influence of the monetary cone, "Garrido explained.

In addition, the Director of Public Safety announced that on Saturday 16 March, it was guaranteed to sell items at fixed prices so that the population would have greater access to them.

"We talked to the buyers and gave a strong message that anyone who attacks the sovereignty of our people will receive full legal weight and we will be vigilant and look forward to the commercial dynamics of this and all markets in Maracaibo," said the municipal authorities.

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