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The new population of cells will help to repair the heart

Ottawa, July 17 (Prensa Latina) Scientists have identified a new cell population existing in pericardial fluid that can be used to heal and repair hearts after trauma, published today in the Immunity magazine.

A study from the University of Calgary in Canada found that a particular cell, a macrophage from the peritoneal cavity of Gata6 +, helped to heal damaged heart in mice.

In addition to finding it in rodents, experts found the same anatomical units in the human pericardium of people with damaged hearts, confirming that repair cells give hope for a new therapy for patients with significant organ diseases.

"Our discovery of a new cell that can help treat damaged myocardium will open the door to new therapies for millions of people with heart disease," said cardiologist Paul Fedak, one of the scientists.

Although it is always known that the heart is in a fluid-filled bag, it has not been known until now that this pericardial fluid is rich in healing cells, a specialist said.

Heart doctors have never before studied the possibility that cells outside of the heart may be involved in healing and repairing hearts after an injury, Fedak said.

Unlike other organs, the heart has a very limited ability to repair itself, which is why heart disease is one of the main causes of death, so this finding will expand the collaboration between basic and clinical research to find new potential therapies to improve the repair of this organ.

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