The TSJ orders payment of damages in Petros


The Supreme Court (TSJ) ordered the administration of the cryptographers and the Petro Sovereign Cryptocurrency constitutional order to ensure effective judicial protection and to protect the value of the sums paid as a compensation for moral damage.

Article 1112 A sentence, which corresponds to Justice Inocencio Antonio Figueroa Arizaleta, states that the TSJ has fixed this criterion, referring to the value assigned to the Petro by the national executor in order to ensure that justice is carried out in their rights and interests and counteracting the destabilization of the national economy. In this way Venezuela will be the first country in the world whose Judicial Section gives this character a cryptic.

The decision was adopted by the Administrative Political Chamber when the disability of MarĂ­a Elena Matos was verified as a result of the Labor Accident certified by the National Prevention, Labor and Security Institute (Inpsasel) and the National Agricultural Research Institute (INIA) for the moral damages payable to 266 Petros (PTR 266) corresponding to the value of Petro.

Source: TSJ


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