Tuesday , January 26 2021

WhatsApp Plus! Know its dangers and possibilities

The most popular messaging app in the world has a new app WhatsApp Plus. We decided to get to know it in detail to know what it is about, what its details are, what the risks and opportunities are.

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WhatsApp Plus It is one of the most used applications in the world and has over 2,000 million users worldwide who can communicate from anywhere in real time, reported El Nacional.

This excellent app is finally doing its updates and it has now reached the media that something very good will be coming with the most popular messages in the world.

Various technology portals have been talked about for a long time WhatsApp Plus. An alternative application to the original and its latest version is V9.00. But not everyone knows the details. We have these details!


WhatsApp Plus allows you to chat, send photos, emoticons, videos and documents just like the original, but you can also change the color of the chats and platforms.

In the latest version it has been added to change the colors and customize the application, “enable chats” and “separate groups” and hide the display state.

You can also “disappear” for some contacts and change the last call to a different time and adjust the read receipt (blue lights) depending on the contact.

The dangers

Since it’s not official, you could have a lot of problems in the future. The WhatsApp instant messaging platform advises that if you, as a user, have an application other than the original, your number may be banned and you will never be able to use the official application again.

Moreover, WhatsApp Plus does not have encrypted chats which means anyone can access your conversations without your knowledge.

Also, WhatsApp Plus can access your contact list, which could lead to number leakage or affect security.

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