Workers continue to fight for their rights and quality of life


Call the trade union leaders at the national meeting in Caracas on the 6th and 7th of the month.

The staff of the underlying companies (Venalum, Bauxilum, Sidor, Ferrominera de Orinoco, Carbonorca, Copal) and Venezolana de Guayana (GVG) continue to struggle to protect labor rights and improve the quality of life.

This was stated by Fernando Serrano, Labor Minister and Venalum Complaint.

"After more than 60 days of protest and although underestimating the struggles, they are full of enthusiasm and energy to continue protesting and achieving goals," said Serrano.

He argued that the national administrator should have a technical meeting with the real representatives of the workers; "Not the followers and employers of the base companies, but the elected trade union leaders".

Meeting in Caracas

Secretary General of the Ferrominera de Orinoco (Sintraferrominera), Rubén González, Caracas's meeting of 6 and 7 November invited all leaders.

The meeting will discuss the elements of labor events and payment policies.

He stressed that the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, "took over the Constitution, the Organization Law, the Workers and the Workers (Lottt) and the collective agreements with more than 30 years of struggles and conquests", which is described as "dictatorship".


Rolando Muñoz, representative of the 23rd movement of Bauxilum, has denied that Maduro urged the national chain to initiate an investigation into "leaders and family leaders defending the future of the family".

"We assign ourselves to all investigations, but we ask not only the President of the Republic, but also the Chief Prosecutor to investigate the Bolivarian Alliance (FBT), the 21st movement and the central Bolivarian leaders Socialist Workers (Cbst)," Muñoz suggested.

He added that those who remain on the street are protecting their rights by "hand of God".

He said that they will continue to fight not only for the needs of wages and the economic development of the country.

They did not consult with them

Likewise, Ramón Gómez, secretary-general of CVG (headquarters) specialists and technicians, stressed that workers were not consulted on the modification of the tab and salary scale

"We ask that this regulation be repealed without delay because it affects the collective bargaining agreement and because we had to consult with the trade union leaders and the workers' general assembly," Gómez said.

He explained that it should be started after the repeal the discussion of collective agreements expired for more than four years for CVG.

"We will do all that is needed to restore the rule of law," warned the Secretary-General of CVG.

Rejects violent acts

Again, Secretary General Sintraferrominera rejected the violent events on Wednesday, in which the Armed Forces of the Bolivian National Guard in FMO operated his weapons.

He called on President Maduro to remedy the abolition of the collective bargaining of the underlying companies.

"There are no saboteurs, there are union leaders who represent the workers," said Gonzalez.

Payment is unavailable

Serrano said that the current minimum wage of the 1800 sovereign bolivian reaches "only one day."

"It is not time to shrink and give up, we can not give up on abuse, there must be an alternative to fighting, hope, and progress," he said.

They insisted that they would face a "more powerful and optimistic" protest on the streets until they meet all the objectives and respect of the Venezuelan law.

They're losing the injustice

Rubén González, Secretary General of Sintraferromimera, reiterated that Rodney Alvarez was "unjustly" imprisoned for almost 8 years.

He also claimed that Abdul Hurtado (trade union leader) wants to create files to bring him to justice.


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