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You can definitely forget about the revolution in folding mobile phones (at least this year)

Broken Samsung Galaxy Fold

In April, the South Korean Samsung brand introduced us to a new folding terminal Samsung Galaxy Fold. Presented as a technology that was supposed to be a revolution on the mobile devices market, folded smartphones have attracted everyone's attentiondue to its interesting design and, above all, spectacular power.

Although the Chinese brand Huawei also announced its folding phone, Mate X; It was really Samsung, which took off in the race as the first producer to take out the folded mobile phone on the market. We all know this fatal result, Numerous problems that delayed the sale of the phone for an indefinite period, as well as other brands such as Huawei, they decided it would be better to wait until the water calmed down to remove the folded device.

Today we are in mid-July 2019. It's been a long time, and folding phones from Samsung and Huawei still have no signs of life. We spent six months and … Who remembers folding phones?

Bad news for those who expect folding phones: what happened to them?

Samsung video on Samsung Galaxy Fold

The question that we all ask ourselves, especially those who are really interested in folding phones, when will they enter the market? Dj Koh, president of Samsung, admitted in an interview that the brand launched Galaxy Fold before it was ready in order to gain an advantage over other brandsalthough they are still working on fixing all the errors that the terminal had.

But that is not enough. Huawei and Samsung are limited to the statement that both Galaxy Fold and Mate X will soon enter the market, but still do not give the exact date. We have not seen an unhappy official press release on the subject or any other type of announcement that I tried to keep the flame of noise that we had at the beginning of the year with the first pictures of folded phones.

All this leads us to the following question: Can consumers lose interest in folded phones if Huawei and Samsung do not carry cards? Undoubtedly, both brands should be more transparent, explain how the project evolves and set a specific date to appease consumers. Not in vain, these are devices that will be priced at around $ 2,000, so they should have more empathy towards their users.

In brief we risk folding phones being forgotten forever this year 2019 and only in the next year – when all controversies will be forgotten, and the company's engineers will confirm that these phones are perfectly useful every day – when we can finally have the expected folded smartphones in our hands,

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