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4th horoscope of December 2, 2020 For the 12 zodiac signs: Capricorn reliable

Aries Wednesday (2 December 2020)

From 12 royal palaces on the right 02122020 - Bach Duong

Uranus’ 60 degree moon shows that your leadership, popularity, and talent attract others. However, you should be selective with people to be close, don’t open up to anyone too easily.

About work: The world is good and bad, but don’t be pessimistic, always have a cheerful, hopeful attitude towards it, and still be able to face whatever might happen with confidence.

In terms of luck: You want to show off, so you want to eat a lot in luxury restaurants. This causes your money to lose a lot.

When it comes to love: Put your position in the person to understand deeply, see what they see, so that tolerance and generosity flow from your heart.

Wednesday Gemini (December 2, 2020)

Tu vi 12 royal palaces on 02122020 - Song Tu
The moon at 60 degrees Uranus suggests that Gemini may rely on her intuition on this day. Your hunch right now is quite right. Did you know you are a constellation with more intelligence than humans?

About workA: Do not get angry at other people’s mistakes, you should control your behavior, a trifle, but when you are angry conflict arises.

In terms of luck: Build more determination and tie your feelings to it so that you can maintain your current saving habits. Don’t be tempted to buy too much out of desire.

In terms of healthA: Instead of eating too much carbohydrate, you can eat less rice, instead eat oats for easy digestion, reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Cancer Wednesday (December 2, 2020)

Preservation of the 12 royal palaces 02 December 2020 - Cu Giai

The position of the Moon in Cancer shows that today it is easy to connect with people. But the downside is that you get more pathetic.

About work: Hear your intuition improves with experience, which can help you solve problems when faced with difficult decisions.

In terms of luck: Even if you are saving money, you still need to make some comfortable living. Don’t “torture” yourself by cutting back on expenses, there will be times when you buy anything to ease that stress.

When it comes to love: Show a gesture of affection, such as a compliment, gift, greeting, pampering … to make your partner feel loved.

Wednesday of the Lion (December 2, 2020)

Tu vi of the 12 royal palaces of law 02122020 - Su Tu

The Moon at 60 degrees Uranus shows that although it is not always polite, enthusiastic and optimistic, Leo’s laughter is omnipresent. Lots of people want to get closer to you.

About work: Today it requires you to be very vigilant in everything. When you see something that could hurt you, take care of yourself and find ways to avoid it.

In terms of health: While exercising, this isn’t the only way to go to the gym. You can still stay healthy by walking properly.

When it comes to love: Even with a loved one by your side, you still feel like something is missing, empty, tasteless and when it comes to pessimistic depression. The problem is with you, not with that person. Did you know that you are a powerful female constellation, fighting jealousy even harder than chili?

Wednesday of the Virgin (December 2, 2020)

Preservation of the 12 royal palaces on December 2, 2020 - Nu coin
Continuing the daily horoscope on December 1, 2020 With the 12 zodiac signs, today the 30 degree solar moon advises Virgo to have a plan to balance her life, don’t get too busy but forget about the hard work squirting yourself and the relationships around you.

About work: Too much calculation stuck in the heart, just like that, it gathers in worry. To have a happy life, you need to get rid of these worries and doubts as soon as possible.

In terms of luck: Don’t let past money troubles bother you. Start developing a working plan now, when in good business it is easier to pay off old debts.

In terms of health: In the current diet, priority should be given to foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, which help maintain strong bones and teeth and support the functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system.

Wednesday Thien Binh (December 2, 2020)

Tu vi from 12 royal palaces on December 02, 2020 - Thien Binh

The moon of 60 degrees of Uranus advised Libra, in order to avoid trouble, it is now necessary to limit yourself to unnecessary controversy.

About work: Think about what to do, what to ask for help today. Wise people always know how to find and promote their strengths in order to optimize all their own values.

In terms of luckA: Your budget plan should be a bit more flexible. Once you’ve crossed the savings line, it’s easy to become a mean, stingy person.

When it comes to love: While it’s not your fault, today you can take a little humility to make you feel better. Good and bad things, more than they really are, anger after someone first apologized suddenly lost their meaning.

Tiger hat wednesday (2 December 2020)

Preservation of 12 royal palaces on 02122020 - Ho Cap

Exceptionally lucky Tigers are expected to appear on the Moon of 60 degrees Uranus, possibly under good conditions, bringing good luck.

About work: You seem to have trouble with your ideas today. You can start with more confidence to release your imagination and potential in your mind.

In terms of healthToday you should eat a lot of green vegetables and ripe fruit to provide more fiber, vitamins and minerals that will help improve health, reduce the aging process.

When it comes to loveSingle people have a chance to find true love in their lives. When you love someone, the world becomes so beautiful and simple in your eyes.

Sagittarius Wednesday (2 December 2020)

Preservation of 12 Royal Palaces December 2, 2020 - Nhan Ma

The 30 degree moon The Sun advises Sagittarius to be more aware of his role, so don’t neglect and become heartless when people need you.

About work: You should have a kind attitude to preserve the feelings of your colleagues. Forgive the mistakes of those around you and show solutions for them and yourself for a better life.

In terms of luckA: Do not advise anyone on money these days because you make basic mistakes yourself. Learn more to improve your money behavior.

In terms of health: Bright light may worsen sleep quality, using a smartphone may extend the time it takes to fall asleep. Therefore, you should stay away from phones for about 30 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed.

Wednesday Bao Binha (December 2, 2020)

Tu vi 12 royal palaces 02122020 - Bao Binh
The 30 degree Sun Moon makes Bao Binh half awake today, half addicted, and you can never judge things as clearly as before. Did you know you have zodiac dizziness promoting joy in life?

About work: You want to raise your role at work, you need to change the audience with whom you are in contact. If you interact frequently with negative people, it is very likely that you will be classified as low worth, not good enough by others, and underrated.

In terms of health: Stay away from work, but forget to drink water regularly to optimize your body’s metabolic functions. Drinking enough water will improve the digestive process of the food, preventing constipation.

When it comes to love: If he or she gets you a bit misunderstood, don’t mess with it. Stay calm, building trust and mutual respect is a lifetime job.

Pisces Wednesday (2 December 2020)

Preservation of 12 royal palaces on 02122020 - Song Ngu

The moon in the position of cancer makes Pisces even more vulnerable today. It’s easy to cry, it’s easy to hurt when someone criticizes or talks about things from the past that you want to hide.

About work: Losing your self-control also affects your thinking and mind. You should balance yourself, otherwise you will not be able to think clearly, but you are always overwhelmed with emotions, distorting the effects of wrong choice.

In terms of luckA: If you talk too much about money as a money slave, anyone who contacts you will feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to love: Show more concern for the person with the gift, no matter how happy she is, she believes you will always remember her.

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