Sunday , August 1 2021

After Covid-19 infection in 1,342 patients, an increase in the number of people isolated at home | News

Where: 861 close contacts (F1) were negative; 1,400 F1 F2 exposures were also negative. 1002 monitoring samples, 518 samples were negative, 484 samples were waiting for results.

According to the HCDC, the number of Covid-19 infections from the beginning of the epidemic season to date has been estimated at 142 people, of which 3 cases of Covid-19 positive (patient 1362, patient 1363, patient through 1,365) were recorded on December 6, 2020, but immediately after entering quarantines. 109 people have recovered from the disease and 33 are under treatment.

After a “cluster” of cases involving 1,342 patients, there was a Vietnam Airlines flight attendant who violated quarantine laws, increasing the number of people isolated at home and in their accommodation. While on December 3 there were 14.96 people, on April 4 it increased to 2,390 people, on December 5 to 2,978 people, and on June 6 to 3,267 people. On February 6, Ho Chi Minh City also quarantined itself in concentrated solitary facilities for 1,890 people.

After zoning and testing all 1342 close contacts and 3 other patients, HCDC continues to advise people instead of self-evaluation, please install Bluezone App for alert. Update official information to react appropriately and avoid panic about false information. Conduct disease prevention in accordance with the recommendation “5K”: Masks – Disinfection – Distance – No collection – Statement by the Ministry of Health.

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