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Arteta: ‘It’s too early to see Tottenham as champion candidate’

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has suggested that today’s London derby will be the site of a candidate status check for the Tottenham Championship.

* Tottenham v Arsenal: 11.30pm Sunday December 6 Hanoi time.

“Now it’s too early to see which team is a candidate for the championship and which is not,” said the Spaniard at a pre-match press conference on 12th May. “What I can say now as I said is that Tottenham is in a good position and doing what needs to be done. What we care about is the position of the teams after 38 rounds and now I care what Sunday is going to be, Arsenal want to score all three points to make up for the loss to Tottenham.

Arteta confidently aim to beat Tottenham on the opponent's pitch despite the difference in their current form.  Photo: Reuters

Arteta confidently aims to beat Tottenham on the opponent’s pitch despite the difference in their current form. Image: Reuters

Before today’s derby, Tottenham was second in the Premier League and has yet to lose a game since defeating Everton. By contrast, Arsenal lacked stability, lost five in 10 matches and sank 14.

With 10 goals at their disposal, Arsenal scored only worse than the top three. Captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the epitome of that lame performance when he hasn’t scored a single goal in live football since his debut. Meanwhile, Tottenham flourished through the public good. Son Heung-min scored nine goals and Harry Kane has seven plus nine assists.

Arteta admits that Tottenham’s best duo form is a big concern for Arsenal as they prepare for today’s derby. He added: “They are in the sublimation phase, full of confidence. You can clearly see great faith in their play. When it is tough, Tottenham always goes according to plan and believes the results are positive. They do their job very well and that’s why he is at the top of the table.

London’s derby are important as Tottenham’s stadium will welcome fans back, albeit on a limited scale. Before that, English football spent over eight months without fans coming onto the pitch due to the impact of Covid-19. The presence of 2,000 fans, according to Arteta, is a great source of spiritual encouragement for players.

“Derby without fans is no longer a derby,” he explained. – We didn’t complain, but we’ve been waiting for it for a long time. Honestly speaking, I would rather kick in a closed stadium than the rivals’ fans rather than nobody, because next week it was our turn to play on the pitch at Dom. We will gradually bring fans back when everything is safe.

“Having fans is under pressure, but also energy. This is the beauty of football that we want to share with the fans, ”added Arteta.

Results - The schedule of matches in European leagues this weekend.  Photo: Ta Lu

Results – The schedule of matches in the European leagues this weekend. Image: This Lu

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