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At the age of 58, Meritorious Artist Chi Trung is pleased to announce his grandfather

"I was a grandfather. Congratulations to my grandchildren! "- Share Meritorious Chi Trung on the personal page.

Chi Trung – Ngoc Huyen clip entrusts the family life in the program "Being a wife must be."

At the end of March last year, Chi Trung, the son of Minh Trung and bride Thao Dang, was held in Hanoi. The event is organized in a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The ceremony of marriage of Chi Trung's son is also attended by many artists, such as Quang Thang, Bao Thanh, Van Dung … After almost 1 year old son, yesterday evening (March 15), on the side of fishing Nhan – Meritorious Artist Chi Trung boasted that he was officially brought up as his grandfather.

"I was a grandfather. Congratulations to my grandchildren!"- Meritorious Artist Chi Trung released.

at age 58, enjoy a happy and joyful relationship with you - 1

Grandson Meritorious Artist Chi Trung was just born on March 15th.

about the old 58, I was told a happy and happy part of the world - 2

The charming look of grandchildren at Chi Trung.

Below are pictures of many friends and the audience sent greetings to Chi Trung and his family. In response to thousands of wishes, the man replied. "Oh my God, in less than 20 minutes, everyone who so much wishes, makes Chi Trung unable to answer with respect in turn. Just say: "I also have a lot of sadness, but my inner appearance brought me joy of life. Thank you all for your heart!

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The son of the artist Chi Trung has just been announced a father.

Deserved Pham Chi Trung and her wife have 2 children, one boy and one girl. First daughter named Pham Huyen Trang, born in 1986. Son Pham Minh Trung.

Meritorious Chi Trung often shares her first daughter, but rarely talks about her youngest son. Many people are very surprised because Chi Trung's son grew up and got married. He was born in a family of artistic tradition, but Pham Minh Trung did not follow his parents' path, he is currently a PR and marketing employee.

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Son and daughter of Meritorious Chi Trung.

for old 58, enjoy a happy and joyful relationship with you - 5

Chi Trung and Ngoc Huyen commune next to their daughter-in-law during the ceremony.

Artist Chi Trung and his wife are happy on their son's wedding day

A couple of artists, Chi Trung and Ngoc Huyen, are extremely happy and happy on their son's big day.

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