Collected fees, "mounds" of garbage time, 17 teams collect trash for help!


Follow the instructions still charged?

Municipal waste collection groups located in Thuan An Town, the first billion to buy a garbage truck, located under the leadership of the People's Committee of Thuan An, but now the storage fee is 30,000 VND / ton.

Municipal waste collection groups located in Thuan An Town, the first billion to buy a garbage truck, located under the leadership of the People's Committee of Thuan An, but now the storage fee is 30,000 VND / ton.

According to the presentation of 17 waste disposal teams in the city of Thuan An, the city of Thuan An applied a waste collection fee of 30,000 VND per tonne for garbage collectors. Thus, on average, each team must pay a fee of 17-25 million a month. According to the recipient of the waste, the People's Committee of Thuan An Town stated that the collection of waste in an industrial zone means that the waste is too large and expensive to process.

Mr Thien (captain of the garbage team at Thuan An) urged: "I have been collecting garbage for more than 10 years, so I decided that the waste disposal fee of 30,000 VND per ton of waste is unjustified." Currently there are 29 garbage collectors, 17 garbage collectors in a cooperative collected over 200 tonnes a day, so we have to close almost every month, 200 million VNDs for waste disposal are too high and unjustified. "

According to Thien, in the rainy season or in the fruit season, the amount of garbage collected a large amount of garbage processing team to pay up to 500 million a month. Thien and other members of the cooperative petitioned to the Thuan An Town People's Committee, but were not considered.

Mr. Thien said that after reflecting the trash, the Thuan An People's Committee requires the conversion of garbage trucks from ordinary cars to special garbage trucks (over 1 billion VND / car) and attached to the control Garbage trucks are operating in the right place. At the meeting on this matter, on May 31, 1818, in the Thuan People's Committee, the city, authorities and collective garbage collectors collectively collect a waste of 30,000 VND / tonne waste within 3 months if they do not violate the garbage from other places or bring industrial waste to landfill.

Receipt of the monthly storage fee.

Receipt of the monthly storage fee.

"We follow the instructions, borrow, mortgage houses, real estate to buy new cars, locate and collect waste in the right area, but now the storage fee is 30,000 VND / tonne. Those who have not closed the garbage can not enter to the yard to pour them out, "Thien said.

Ms. Thuy (who has more than 10 years of garbage collection) also shared: "Continuing collecting 30,000 VND / ton of waste makes us encounter many difficulties, usually we have to invest billions. Every month we have to pay tens of millions of dongs for carpentry, then repair costs cars, the salary of our brothers … up to a hundred million dongs per month, beautify the streets, to pay more than 20 million VND each month is unfavorable to us.

Time "Go" to throw the garbage in the yard

Notification about the time of collection of household waste is a reaction time of reactive waste of 17 rubbish.

Notification about adjusting the time of receiving domestic waste is 17 rubbish from the reaction, because the time of the "mound".

When the 17 lots of garbage in Thuan An are exempted from the waste disposal fee of 30,000 VND per tonne, it is still not possible to get a notice of "crushing" the time of garbage disposal at the shipyards in the area. The unit has signed an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the City of Thuan for household waste processing) / 10/2018 regarding the adjustment of household waste collection time announced by Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Wodno-Kanalizacyjnej (belonging to the Binh Duong water and environmental company) Thuan Giao transhipment station.

"Pickup times from 5 to 17 hours per day (including public holidays), separate days in, before and after Tet organize the appropriate collection time, documents of committees of people's districts and municipalities and have a specific pickup schedule sent to the waste treatment plant before 30.10 .2018 to determine the time of receipt, "notice of business processing. Clearly marked.

Immediately after receiving the notice, the junk stacks were squeezed out during the dumping period and it was suggested that the garbage disposal company was a private company, so no garbage could be reported. okay. If there is a notification, a meeting of the People's Committee of Thuan An Town to discuss the trash and make a decision.

Collection of garbage collection time (only collection of garbage from 5 am to 5 pm) makes rubbish difficult.

The time of picking up the "mound" garage (only collecting rubbish from 5 am to 17 pm) makes it difficult to collect rubbish.

"Every day we have to collect trash from 2000-5000 households, we have to split 2 changes from the early morning, but we can not catch up before 5 o'clock in the rubbish, eat, haggle … are often late, sometimes up to 23 at night Now we are collecting rubbish, we are late, so it can not be waste management companies Managed to dump.

"Waste overnight at home is very unhygienic, not only so long the garbage in the car is also easy to damage the car, every repair costs tens of millions of dollars. We have been working hard for over 10 years, our work is very difficult, but we disagree with we have to finish quickly, "Thien said sadly.

Due to the time of "mopping", rubbish to rent a garbage truck at night and use the daily collection to find time for the beach, but still not on time. Dozens of vans with a delay or do not pay a fee of 30,000 VND / tonne immediately blocked the "door".

Garbage collection trucks in the area of ​​the city of Thuan The city has been forbidden to park in the courtyard of the garbage of Thuan Giao to park on the street.

Garbage collection garbage in the Thuan area The city was a "forbidden gate" in the backyard of garbage disposal Thuan Giao must be parked outside.

After receiving the rebound 17 collection of garbage, afternoon 5/11, Reporter Dan Tri came to the People's Committee of Thuan An Town to learn, the representation of the Thuan An Town People's Committee said that the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment City Report recommends the direction of treatment. However, specific content is unclear, so ask PV to leave the content and then provide the commanders with the answer to Dan's question. However, the People's Committee of Thuan An Town still has no opinion.

To make the information multi-dimensional, Reporter Dan Tri continued to contact the waste management company, the deputy director of the unit asked for contact with the director, we contacted the director, he was busy reporting and Other occasions. Several times later, Dan's reporter contacted, but he still did not receive an answer.

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