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Hot 24 hours: the suspect's testimony murdered the student to deliver the chicken in the afternoon of the 30th New Year

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, at 20.00 (GMT + 7)

The suspect's relationship murdered the student to deliver the chicken in the afternoon 30 Tet; Police officers will beat the hospitalized neighbors and they will be released … they are the best-known 24-hour news.

The preliminary testimony of the suspect has murdered a student who will provide the chicken in the afternoon of 30 Tet

Hot 24 hours: testimony of suspects killing students to deliver chicken in the afternoon 30 New Year - 1

A portrait of a suspected Vuong Van Hung chicken murder.

On February 12 Major General Sung A Hong, police director of the Dien Bien province, said that the police department investigating the police of the Dien Bien province arrested Vuong Van Hung (SN 1984, residing in Muong Thanh Ward, TP Dien Bien, province of Dien Bien, related to the curator that helped her mother in the afternoon 30 Tet was murdered.

The victim's identity is defined as C.T.M.D (SN 1997, residing in the Thanh Hung commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province). D. is a student at the University of Agriculture and Forestry Thai Nguyen.

In the police office, Hung confessed on February 4, when he went to the market, he met D. who helped his family sell chickens. Seeing the beautiful girl, Hung pretended to buy it and then asked for the phone number. Then Hung rang to ask D. to move 10 chickens to the address given by the object, then control and kill the victim to rob the property.

Police agencies have gained a number of evidence, such as motorcycles, ATM cards, motorcycle registration documents … victims. In addition, in his home, Hung's wife in the Noong Het municipality, the Dien Bien district, the Dien Bien province, a specialized commission carrying out the search warrant on February 11, discovered the telephone of the victim D. and Sim. Hung ordered the chicken in the afternoon of 30 Tet (4th February). These two people were also invited to work in the police office.

According to the police, a 35-year-old male suspect committed four crimes, three of which were criminal. Recently, Hung was sentenced to prison for "Stealing Property" and released from prison in October last year.

Earlier, on February 7, people in the municipality of Thanh Nưa, the district of Dien Bien discovered the body of a young girl in semi-late state, wearing a helmet. Immediately after receiving the message, the police from the Dien Bien district cooperated with the Criminal Police Department (PC02), and professional units were present on site to investigate and clarify the matter.

The collection of returns will be collected"Forbidden door" 2 vehicles on the VEC highway

Hot 24 hours: testimony of suspected murdered students to deliver chicken in the afternoon 30 New Year - 2

Cabin on the HCMC highway – Long Thanh – Rich Rope managed by VEC.

Regarding the Vietnam technical freeway company (VEC E), a permanent provision was refused on all expressways managed by the unit for two vehicles carrying BKS 51A – 558.50 and 51G – 722,56, February 12, Nguyen Van Huyen, general director of the Vietnamese Road Administration, will reject this decision on February 13.

According to Huyen, enterprises can not sign a decision to deny permanent service on all expressways managed by the Vietnam Highway Development Investment Corporation (VEC). In the case of violation measures, units that operate the expressway must coordinate with the local police so that functional agencies can punish in accordance with the law.

Earlier, on the afternoon of February 10, the car was brought by BKS 51A – 558.50 from Long Thanh to Ho Chi Minh City. After arriving at the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Giau Tiep toll station, he did not pay the toll and did not pay the fee, but deliberately stopped at the lane; At the same time, many elderly people, women and children get off the bus, deliberately disrupting the toll road, pulling vehicles in other lanes, causing traffic separation.

After this time, vehicles carrying BKS 51C – 781.96 and 51G – 772.56 had similar behavior.

Police soldiers who will defeat the hospitalized neighbors will be released

Hot 24 hours: the suspect's testimony murdered the student to deliver the chicken in the afternoon of 30 New Year's Day - 3

Two policemen rushed to the assault house to go to the hospital. Photo cut from the clip.

Major General Bui Be Tu, police director of An Giang province, said he asked to stop work for Lieutenant Nguyen Duy Linh (police police Chau Doc City) and Lieutenant Nguyen Minh Luana (team of police officer from Chau Doc City Public Security Administration to investigate Due to acts of struggle against a resident, Mr. Van Doai was a beaten person (41 years old, living in Vinh My Ward, Chau Doc City).

When the results of the verification appear, the Director of the Police Department of the Province of An Giang will send the person to beat Mr. Hai to leave immediately, the other person must also be subject to appropriate discipline.

Earlier, around 17:00 on February 6 (the second day of the Lunar New Year), due to conflicts between themselves, Linh and Luan went to Mr. Hai's house to argue. At that time, the woman pulled Mr. Hai's hand inside and closed the gate.

After that, Mr. Hai went inside to take a piece of iron rod to run to "lose enough" with two neighbors. Unable to control, both Linh and Luan rushed into the house to defeat Mr. Hai, causing serious injuries. He was transferred to an emergency hospital by a family member with many injuries, especially around the nose.

Sanctifying a miserable restaurant by mixing the price of 250,000 VND / vessel

Hot 24 hours: testimony of suspects killing students to deliver chicken in the afternoon 30 New Year - 4

Invoice at Thap Ba Chai Village with vegetables 250,000 VND / part.

Regarding the unfortunate case of 250,000 VND in Nha Trang, the Market Management Team No. 1 (the city of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province) issued a decision to punish the Thap Ba restaurant in Chai village on Pham Van Street. At the same time, in the case of infringements, "do not exchange prices of goods and services in the pricelist in accordance with the law". As a result, the fine is 750,000 VND.

Information about the Hung Phat restaurant on Tran Phu street (Nha Trang city) sell fried eggs with a price of 500,000 VND / piece, steamed mussels 400,000 VND / part or boiled vegetable is 300,000 VND / part for the Malaysian delegation. Mr. Nguyen Sy Khanh – Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of the City of Nha Trang stated that he has carried out the verification, but so far there have been no results.

Since receiving information about the incident, an interdisciplinary inspection team visited the Hung Phat restaurant many times, but did not find the owner of the restaurant.

The incident at Thap Ba Restaurant and the fishing village of Hung Phat was mentioned above on the night of February 7 (the third day of the Lunar New Year) in the city of Nha Trang in the province of Khanh Hoa.

Chen fainted "buy sewing, sell risk" on the market in Vieng

Hot 24 hours: testimony from suspects killing students to deliver chicken in the afternoon in 30 years - 5 years

The man who fainted was removed from the influx of people on the market in Vieng.

The night of 7 (February 11), on the morning of the eighth lunar New Year, the Vieng market took place, also known as the May Fair in Trung Thanh (Vu Ban District, Nam Dinh Province).

It is fair that people have the idea of ​​"buying and selling clothes," so many people came here to buy ornamental plants, agricultural tools …

Due to the large number of people, traffic on the market in Vieng is difficult. Many vehicles hid their feet for many hours, unable to move. People crowded and pushed along the road, causing chaos in traffic.

In particular, many women and older people who did not endure the terrible pressure from the crowd, fainted, were transferred to safe places. A cry for help, a moan, and even a curse were repeated all the time.

The case of students murdered at the delivery of chickens: Hold him, the suspect's wife

At Hung Khai, entering the market, meeting D. helps the family sell chickens. Seeing beautiful girls, objects …

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