Jorginho revealed the superstitious coach Maurizio Sarri


Jorginho revealed that coach Maurizio Sarri has a strange superstition that never touches the ball, even if Chelsea is losing to throw the ball into the game as soon as possible.

Chelsea defeated Crystal Palace

In the first Chelsea coaching season coach Maurizio Sarri quickly helped Blues become one of the championship candidates. The defeat of Crystal Palace helped Chelsea rise to the top of the table, and manager Sarri set the record for the longest without a defeat in his first Premier League career.

Jorginho revealed the superstitious image of coach Maurizio Sarri
Jorginho revealed the superstitious coach Maurizio Sarri.

More importantly, Sarri's coach changed Chelsea into a more watchful team with ball control. Changing the quarterback Chelsea is midfielder Jorginho who serves as a midfielder.

In the match against Chelsea, Jorginho was replaced in the second half by Cesc Fabregas when the opponents "cared".

Superstition Super coach Maurizio Sarri

As a coach Maurizio Sarri, Jorginho has always played an important role in the new midfield team since joining Chelsea from Naples. Brazilian players also show understanding with the teacher not only in football, but also in the human aspect.

In particular, Jorginho reveals the superstition of his master: "It is easy to understand him, Sarri does not have many secrets, he is simple, he has the same beliefs and beliefs.


"For example, he never touched the ball when the game was in play. Even when we lost, the ball came out and the team had to put the ball in as fast as possible without touching it, do not let it touch the ball."

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