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Kieu Minh Tuan is as charismatic as the Joker with his bare face, with a small opening to ask for his juniors’ faces to be cut with his fingers in the trailer for Sister Thirteenth: 3 Days of Birth

After the show event with stars Thu Trang, Tien Luat, Chau Bui, Anh Tu …, the film Thirteen: 3 days of birth and death officially released the latest trailer full of action scenes and revealed the very tense gangster content. In particular, the new characters of Kieu Minh Tuan and Chau Bui bring a new wind to the “shared universe” that Thu Trang has worked hard on.

Sister Thirteen Official Trailer: 3 Days of Birth and Death

In the next film, part of an internet drama Thirteen pagesThe brotherhood of An Cu Nghia Doan will relocate its territory to Da Lat and face new difficulties. The character Zam Gai (Anh Tu) was assigned by Sister Thirteen (Thu Trang) to manage the garage, thinking life was safe, he was accidentally present where Duc Mat (Phat La) died. He was immediately subject to prosecution by the Thang Khung (Kieu Minh Tuan) gang because he was suspected of murdering Duc Mata. Fashionista Chau Bui in this section will play Lyn – a girl who appears in Zinc Gai’s life and helps him ease the pain after losing his mother.

Tuan Khung and Sister Thirteen will face each other, but it seems that the team is slightly ‘weaker’?

Chau Bui appeared for a moment but had no voice, gagged

In the trailer Sister Thirteen: 3 days of birth and death, we can immediately see the tension between the two characters, Sister Thirteen and Thang Khung in the fight to hunt for zinc. It is noteworthy that Thang Khung had a jar of ash with the name Zinc Gaia. Towards the end, the audience also saw Thu Trang with a sad face scattering the ashes onto the river bank, expecting the ominous mark to meet the film’s favorite character.

Thu Trang was speechless when he dropped someone’s ashes on the river bank, but when it comes to standing, the ash falls more easily to the ground than to the water.

Kieu Minh Tuan cut the fingers of the enemy, maybe not because he was criticized for having bad hair?

As you can see, Kieu Minh Tuan will experience a remarkable transformation Thirteen: 3 days of birth and death, no longer playing the role of peach blossom players, but become cruel and evil gangsters. Instead, it appeared with shoulder-length hair and a mohawk aura like a “bare-faced Joker.” An unusual scene takes place when the character of Thang Crazy … cuts the finger of someone who dares to oppose the order, leaving the viewer completely shocked.

More action scenes were revealed, Thu Trang also enthusiastically “entered the fight”

If the first part of the brand Thirteenth Sister complained to the audience that there was some action now Sister Thirteen: 3 days of birth and death promoting this aspect of the movie can take a lot of effort. It is known that the actor Anh Tu even had to go to the hospital due to his displacement on the action scene. It is also the first action movie directed by Vo Thanh Hoa. In addition, the movie trailer also reveals a lot of humorous excerpts shown by Tien Luat.

Kieu Minh Tuan was as charismatic as the bare-faced Joker, a little open to ask for finger cuts to his juniors' faces in the trailer for Sister Thirteen: 3 Days of Death - Photo 7.

Sister Thirteen: 3 days of birth and death will appear in cinemas across the country from December 25, 2020.

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Kieu Minh Tuan was as charismatic as the bare-faced Joker, a little open to pleading to cut his fingers in the face of his juniors in the trailer for Sister Thirteenth: 3 Days of Birth - Image 9.

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