Korea's Kim Jong-un 3D video


The Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) officials announced this week to legislators at a meeting with the parliamentary intelligence committee to use 3D video analysis to check the changes in the human body and monitor Kim's status for years.

Additionally, NIS analyzes a ground pattern near Punggol, a major nuclear testing site in North Korea. In the presence of foreign journalists, it was demolished in May. "NIS asked outside experts to check the samples after North North closed the nuclear test site at 24th place." -5 "- News Agency Yonhap quoted a lawmaker.

South Korean intelligence detects Kim's health status - Photo 1

According to South Korean intelligence, Kim's health is good. Photo: KCNA

North Korea then invited foreign inspectors to confirm the destruction of Punggye, which carried out six nuclear tests, while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Pyongyang. This action aims to overcome the criticism North Korea has already said about closing the test site.

"Analysis of land patterns seems time-consuming and NIS is expected to work with local experts and foreign intelligence agencies," said another lawmaker.

Bao Hanh (Straits Times)


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