Lice business services, mothers earn billions


Tuesday, 6/11/2018 5:00 (GMT + 7)

From lice treatment attempts, the woman did not expect her to have a working day to earn millions of dollars.

Adie Horowitz (living in New York, USA) is a Jewish woman. Adie thinks that she will be a teacher, secretary or someone who works for someone who does not even start a business and earn a million dollars. Currently, Adie is owned by the Licenders brand with six lice treatment sites in New York and Connecticut (USA). Her company employs 40 people, and Adie has hundreds of contracts with schools.

When a CNBC correspondent visits Licenders' premises in Manhattan, a client appears who takes lice. The plant itself earned $ 1 million annually (~ $ 23.2 billion) in revenues, and Adie also contacted or went to school to see if there was a need to treat lice. or not. Every month, Adie spends $ 3,000 (~ 70 million) on travel expenses.

In the US, October is the time when students start returning to school. However, the end of summer camps is a "must eat" company. The bus will stop them at the base of Licenders lice and then at home.

I have headaches, mom suddenly found out how to do business. billions - 1

In the past, Adie never thought of one day as a boss. This changed in 1996 when Adi's daughter had lice on her head. The sister of this mistress wonders why Eva often scratches her head. As he approached, Adie noticed that the little girls were crawling on their heads.

Then Adie called the pediatrician for advice. The doctor prescribed a shampoo for the treatment of Eva's baby. However, Adie does not use for girls, because shampoos contain chemicals.

According to Adie, lice do not fly or jump from one place to another, where the hair is in contact with the hair, causing lice. Lice adhere to hair, bite, itch and lay eggs. "If you miss an egg, everything starts again," said Adie.

Try to heal head lice

Adie spent months helping Eva lice on her head. This mother combs her hair into the eggs, goes to the library to investigate the natural way of treating lice. Finally, Adie finds a woman in Germany selling a special comb. The comb is sold with a small package of baking soda.

Adie then combines the balm with soda and crest comb that completely heals Eva lice. With this secret Adie helps someone with lice and pay someone for it. It helped Adie develop the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlice treatment.

I have headaches, mom suddenly found out how to do business. billions - 2

Initially, she worked in a basement in Brooklyn. However, later Adie was able to move the company to Manhattan to attract more customers.

This does not mean, however, that Adie's business career is "full of roses." This woman admits that she is wasted when she spends money on a business establishment in a place that does not "feed well". Then she cut the hole and started again. Adie initially admitted that sometimes it was difficult to convince the tenant to sell lice.

Adie's friends did not understand what he was doing with this strange service. However, Adie's activity continues to grow. Over the past three years, she has gained partners with experience in business expansion and marketing, investing $ 600,000 in Adie. According to Adie, he plans to open 11 business lice services by the end of 2021, bringing $ 4 million (~ 93 billion).

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