Listen to your excitement to keep the bag of ink, the guy was afraid because the seafood pasta turns into "night pasta"


Cooking is not the strength of the beard, but what are you doing when you're hungry at midnight and are forced into the kitchen?

There are many "bad jokes" that happen when you are suddenly so hungry, and the sample shadow guy from Can Tho (from Can Tho) is an example of this. .

Hear your joy to keep the sack of ink, dude, because pasta with seafood turned into dark pasta - picture 1.

T.S. Dumpling bowl "shadow" is divided into a team confession BEATVN

Looking at the bowl of a T.S guy, no one knows what ingredients are inside, because the whole bowl is only black. But everyone certainly has a squid. The squid is lifted on the chopsticks. Internet users say that in reality a squid is the cause of a bowl of seafood, as if it were yellowed, and the eyes were black as night.

Look at the bowl of the "suffering master" whose internet users do not know to cry or laugh, inform him if there is a "next face" with the squid, and then cut the ink bag inside. At the same time, many people also wonder if the guy closed his eyes to swallow this bowl of bread for hunger or not ?!

Friend H.Q witty comment: "A dark, boiled night crab baked on a potato night has more noodles shadow this night. Imagine you are hungry, this ominous scene is also good for your brother"

"This type of ink does not cut in the middle of the ink bag, but the son in the kitchen. Eight bowls look bad, but still do not eat, I do not know if he ate, not hungry"- wrote K.L.

Hear your excitement to keep the sack of ink, this guy, because pasta with seafood turned into a cold pasta - Picture 2.

Seafood in the imagination of many people – Photo: Internet

By sharing with us, the T.S guy said he would get an "impressive" bowl of bread as impressive as he heard the instructions of friends, unexpectedly encountered bad situations such bad jokes. Although the bread bowl has a flaw, but T. they still eat everything because of hunger.

"I'm cooking noodles to eat the night, listen, friends say from the sea, leave the bag of ink so new. I look at the pasta, which also panic, but then I take the phone out to take pictures and then the sore throat"He said.

Earlier, MXH appeared a lot of dishes too fire in the "dark" extreme humor and impressive:

Listen to your exotica in the ink bag, man, because pasta with seafood turned into a night pasta - Picture 3.

"Swine whirling night" from Hai Phong – Photo: Pham Anh Cuong

Listen to your exotic innocent squid, buddy, because pasta from seafood turns into dark pasta - picture 4.

"Nem bitter heart" also through fire – Photo: FB

Listen to your exotic innocent squid, buddy, because pasta with seafood turns into a night noodle - picture 5.

"Cooked corn night" in the legend – Photo: FB

Listen to your excitement to keep the sack of ink, the guy because the seafood noodles turned into nightclubs - picture 6.

Dumplings "duck eggs thrown in for the night" of an inept brother – Photo: FB


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