Security is not guaranteed, Vietnam recruitment must cancel private closed in Laos


The Vietnamese team arrived in Laos on the morning of 5/11 after almost 50 minutes of traveling by plane. Coach Park Hang-seo after getting acquainted with the situation set for the team at 16:30 on the same day. According to the plan, the training session will allow journalists to work for only 20 minutes.

The teacher at Hang-seo Park is present in the yard on time and starts practicing as usual. The hardest problem at that time was the hard surface, and the quality of the grass was not good enough to make the team unsatisfied. However, BHL still decided to practice light, to maintain the feeling of the ball.

Unsecured security, recruited Vietnam must cancel private locked in Laos - picture 1.

The people of Laos practice Anouvong ping-pong at the stadium, while the Vietnamese team practices the first day they travel to the elephant. Photo: Hieu Luong.

But the trouble is not over. The team from Vietnam was surprised when people from Laos in the yard got very crowded. They are not fans, but most go to the gym to practice and play sports.

The Vietnamese BHL team reacts completely passively to this situation. The team's representatives also consulted the Hang-seo Park and decided that everything happens naturally. In addition, reporters also have to sit on stage and continue to work as part of the VFF.

The head of the delegation Duong Vu Lam said: "Because people are mainly in physical training and sport, the Vietnamese team is not easy to invite everyone from the field, but we will cooperate with the Laos Football Association for the afternoon (6/11)".

Security is not guaranteed, Vietnam recruitment must cancel a closed schedule in Laos - picture 2.

VFF representatives met with Hang-seo Park to discuss the situation at Anouvong Stadium. Photo: Hieu Luong.

Anouvong Stadium is the former national stadium of Laos. Currently, this place is used as an address for people in the capital of Vientiane physical activity.

According to the report, the people of the capital Vientiane run, play football, even have a football team on the slope.

Vietnam will be training at 16:30 tomorrow afternoon (6/11) at Anouvong Stadium. In addition to the practice, the team also suggested that the Lao side water the yard to reduce stiffness and cut the grass further.

On November 7, the Vietnamese team will be practicing at the Laos National Stadium, the match site on November 8.


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