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The boss was hunted by former employees

Knowing that Mr. Do sang karaoke, Hung kept the knife in front of the bar, rushing to leave.

On March 16, police in Can Loc (Ha Tinh) said she accused the accused and arrested Le Huy Hung (19, who lives in the municipality of Phu Loc) to investigate the crime. Intentionally causing damage, in accordance with art. 134 of the Criminal Code 2015.

Hung suspects. Photo: Đ.H

Hung suspects. Picture: Đ.H

According to survey documents, in 2018 Hung was accepted by Le Duy Do (26 years old, living in a commune) to work in a shop for cutting and tattooing hair in the Trang Bom (Dong Nai) district. Because of conflicts with his boss, Hung was irritated at home.

On the evening of February 5 (January 1), Mr. Do is in his hometown, going to karaoke with friends in the village of Tan Tien, Hung is holding a knife to serve revenge in front of the restaurant. Seeing the old boss who had just left, Hung rushed to slash his shoulder, causing 13% of his health damage.

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