The "exact bill" on the tuition was exhausted?


Concerned about the relevant regulations, the full cost of education and training services in the tuition bill in the draft law on education, and the kind of "pre-school" metamorphosis still exists, delegates for further law making Rules for setting tuition fees …

Tuition "truth", school still countless generals

Discussion in the Education Act on November 15 delegate Tran Thi Hien (Ha Nam) paid particular attention to the "correctness and adequacy" of training services, also called tuition fees.

According to Deputy Hien, Article 1 of Article 1 provides that the tuition amount is determined according to the road map, accurately and completely calculating the costs of education and training services provided by the government. At the same time clause 3 of this article specifies that the cost of training services includes all expenses related to remuneration, direct expenses, management costs and depreciation costs of fixed assets. Directly and indirectly provide educational and training activities as part of the education and training program.

"We can therefore understand that the tuition is the price of training services. I am very concerned about the end of the teaching policy in this direction when placed along the direction of resolution 29" – delegated Hien joint.

According to Hien, the state plays a leading role in investing in education and training. State budget expenditures on education and training account for at least 20% of the total state budget expenditure, and investments in education constitute the contribution of taxpayers.

"According to the roadmap, all expenses on fees, management fees and other expenses on tuition fees, ie pocket money for people, will be reasonable? Particularly excessive inflation in some schools is very popular. For most parents, the notion of science is no longer relevant for the existence of a very obsessive concept, that is, schools, along with an infinite variety of earnings in the name of themselves, tuition, additional fee, advanced fee, improved facilities, etc. Most parents have always been in the highest degree, do not worry about school – said representative Hien.

Therefore, in order to get a fair and balanced balance, I propose to introduce a number of rules on determining tuition fees. This means that the course fee must be appropriate to the economic conditions of each area and the actual contribution of people. Thus, voters will also be more confident about the framework of the correct timetable, full tuition and the government also has a detailed basis, "- said the representative of the Henan province.

Representative of Tran Thi Hien (Ha Nam)
Representative of Tran Thi Hien (Ha Nam)

Education should be divided into two fields: academic and vocational

Note on the classification, orientation on education, deputy Nguyen Tuan Anh – Long An said that according to the international education classification, most of the country's education system is divided into levels from 0 to 8, corresponding to pre-school, primary, middle and high school education , high school, college, bachelor or equivalent, masters or equivalent, doctoral or equivalent.

Levels 2 to 4 are considered to be the level of general education and the level of education is divided into general and vocational education.

Levels 5 to 8 are called higher education levels, with educational programs divided into two majors, academic and vocational.

In Vietnam, the bill on education (with later amendments) regulates vocational education issues at secondary school level as part of higher education. If a student wants to enroll in a college, he / she must have a high school diploma and high school diploma or study and qualify for high school.

Basic, secondary and higher levels in the vocational education block do not have a real relationship. If students want to move from university to university, there are also many difficulties due to differences in the structure of the curriculum from two different governing bodies.

"This is one of the reasons for the failure to implement the secondary level education program over the years, it has not created an inter-system throughout the system, making many students decide to go to university instead of the other way around," said Deputy Tuan Anh.

According to the above analysis, deputy Tuan Anh proposed to amend the bill in accordance with the regulations regarding the classification of education levels of the national education system, including: pre-school education, kindergartens and kindergartens; Primary school; Secondary education (with secondary and higher secondary schools, in which the secondary school consists of 2 streams: secondary and higher, vocational education with basic vocational training, intermediate vocational education and higher vocational education, higher education, higher education and bachelor's degree and equivalent, title Master's degree and equivalent, doctoral degree and equivalent.

No matura exam, stable study and exam

Commenting on the bill, deputy Cao Dinh Thuong (Phu Tho) said that the textbook program is too heavy today, students are difficult to learn; Very complicated matters.

According to representatives of the Phu Tho province, this problem "is caused by adults." And "adults think too much to fall into their immature brain, making science pressure, the weight is too great."

"Let us ask how many national literary students become great writers, poets? Understand that in class, school, only one child becomes a writer, one becomes an artist, one is an athlete, not the other. Teach and set students to promote your skills in the most rational way "- said the Phu Tho province delegation.

Cao Dinh Thuong deputy (Phu Tho)
Cao Dinh Thuong deputy (Phu Tho)

As for the exams, the delegations recommended here should not organize the national examination today.

"Assessment and organization of high school graduation exams should be entrusted to the Department of Education and local schools for self-assessment and assessment, and a national examination to select students for the university must be strictly organized from the stage, the exam, the selection, the selection of the appropriate person, remove negative, not negative, do not dare to negative and do not want negative, "said Cao Dinh Thuong.

Hua Thi Ha (Tuyen Quang) is also concerned about the exam to consider high school and college recruitment. "Over the years I have shared the difficulty and complexity of the Ministry of Education and Training." The Ministry made every effort to change, improve, but teachers, parents, students were very difficult, passive, to make up for these changes. Teaching, learning and testing must Therefore, I suggest that the editorial board must examine and consider in more detail the issue of exams in the bill, "said Deputy Ha.

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