Using a knife threatens to rape a woman in the desert


Friday, 11/02/2014 20:00 (GMT + 7)

Seeing a woman who had a lunch break alone on the field, Hoanh rushed to use the neck strap and then threatened to follow the rape with the knife.

Using a knife to put the woman in danger in a desert area - 1

Hoanh at the investigation agency

On November 2, according to information from the Cu Mgar district police (Dak Lak province), the unit has recently issued a decision to investigate the case, prosecute him and Ha Van Hoanh 1986, Ea Puk Town, to investigate rape.

The results of the initial survey, 16/10 hours, Hoanh near the stream, Pok P B (Ea Pốk City), saw a woman sitting alone for lunch and was born with the intent of rape.

Taking advantage of the quiet afternoon, Heng suffered from a backache, threatening knife and raped the woman. Hanh wrapped his bags around, clasped his hands and raped the victim twice.

After he had met the beast, Hanh left the victim. The woman announced to them about the police.

On October 27, the Cu M & R police station called Hanh's job. Here Hoanh declared his behavior.

Preliminary young man caught on the knees of rape mother of 3 children

The police take over the young man's testimony and call the woman to the office to clarify the case.


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