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Why not the English Premier League race?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 1:01 (GMT + 7)

MU is lofty and is in the top four of the Premier League so fast that it is impossible. But now even manutans dream of a championship race, not just the top 4 people.

MU's last Premier League win against Fulham

Divine acceleration MU

December 16, MU lost to Liverpool in the English derby with the score of 1-3. The match took place in the 17th round, which meant that the Red Devils were buried in the sixth position, and the defeat led to the dismissal of Jose Mourinho by December 18. After round 17, MU had 26 points, the difference was 0 (29 goals, 29 goals lost).

Meanwhile, Chelsea took fourth place, with 37 points with a +21 difference. At the time, the Sarri & # 39; ego team had more than half of Red City in Manchester.

MU outperformed Chelsea to the top four: Premier League Championship, why not? - 1

MU outperformed Chelsea and Pogba was better than Hazard

However, after the 26th round Chelsea lost to Man City 0-6 and dropped to sixth place, at that time MU had 51 points, the difference was +17, and Chelsea 50 points and +16 differences. Thus, after just 9 rounds, the army of Solskjaera won by 12 points more than Chelsea, and the difference also exceeded the Western residents of London.

It was a wonderful acceleration which, according to manuci, was impossible if they looked at what MU showed in the period from the beginning of the season to December 16. Within four months, Mourinho's army showed a face that was so weak and weak, playing a depressed ball and then losing.

But now, after concluding the 4 best goals, Manchesterers dream of something more magical. It was a race for the Premier League championship. After the 26th round the difference between the United teams and top Man City and Liverpool is 14 points (Blue Man digs more than 1 match).

Waiting for the classic owl "Solsa"

Man City starts 27 matches, has 65 points. Liverpool played 26 games and scored 65 points. MU, after the 26th round, currently has 51 points. The distance is 14 points, and the season has 12 rounds. Why do not you dream about miracles, mankind think so.

MU outperformed Chelsea to the top four: Premier League Championship, why not? - 2

Aguero scored a goal against QPR, helping City to return to the classic MU in the 2011/12 season

Remember that the Premier League is one of the most unpredictable leagues in the world. If the lesson is needed, this is an MU lesson. In the 2011/12 season, the "Reds" were then led by the great Sir Alex Ferguson, 8 points more than Man City, while the season was only 6 rounds.

But with astonishing screams, Blue Man Roberto Mancini unexpectedly surpassed United to finish in 1st place, and Sergio Aguero 90 + 4 goals went directly to the first English championship. First from 1968 for Man City. At the end of the season, Man City has the same 89 points as MU, but is better at both duels and opposing achievements.

And now the NHM MU is waiting for such a classic landing. Of course, "Red Devil" Solskjaer is the best team in the Premier League at the time. He has 11 consecutive matches in every arena, MU unbeatable, he won even 10 matches. That is, leveling the gap of 14 points in the remaining 12 rounds to beat Man City and Liverpool, although it is a difficult mission, but impossible?

Before the round of 1/8 Cup C1: MU sublime wait

Round 1/8 of the Champions League will start with the expected match between MU and PSG.

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