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Zidane turned Real into an excellent defense machine

Zidane turned Real into an excellent defense machine

During Ronaldo's stay at Bernabeu, Real's net against opponent was a story that happened like a meal. The excellence of the Portuguese superstar not only turned Los Blancos into a destructive machine, but also helped them overcome the limits of defense. In fact, Real's defensive ability has never been appreciated, but thanks to the game of compensation, especially thanks to the excellent instinct of scoring goals by CR7, the Royal team can still dominate in Europe. for many years.

However, the situation changed differently when Ronaldo left the club to join Juventus last summer. Perhaps Real underestimated the influence of the 34-year-old striker, and then adopted the bitter fruit. In the absence of Ronaldo, Los Blancos is still confident about the strength of the hosts' attack. With unchanged player structure, Los Blancos continues to attack football, which causes fear not only in La Liga, but also in the Champions League.

However, Real made a big mistake. Karim Benzema is not Ronaldo. Gareth Bale, Vinicius Junior, Marco Asensio, and even debut star Eden Hazard. None of them can score dozens of goals in a season like Ronaldo to support a team. And when the weak attackers in connection with the bottom line were not a point of support, Los Blancos quickly fell.

This proves that in La Liga 2018/19 Real had only 63 goals, 46 goals lost, all of which are record-breaking weak. Remember that only briefly in the last 5 seasons Real Time and Ronaldo have scored over 90 goals in the season, and the number of times they had to go to the net to pick the ball never exceeded 45. Compare this to see how White Vulture went away like low since they lost Ronaldo.

Even coach Zidane in the second lead of Real also followed this path, which made the team fight at the end of last season and also at the beginning of this season, despite not losing the match in La Liga. . However, after a series of problems, Zizou realized that Real could not play in the same position as before, which is to compensate. Los Blancos is no longer so frightening on the offensive front, which is why it is important that defense is a priority, first and foremost to avoid giving in.

To concretise this style of play, Zidane asked all players for more efforts, retreating to defense after losing the ball. This necessary change has helped Real not score any goals in the last 3 matches in La Liga 2019/20, a record they have not reached in the last 4 years.

Last time Real had an impressive white grid in the 2015/16 season when Rafa Benitez was in power. During this time, the Bernabeu team started the season with 4 blank pages in a row. Starting with a 0: 0 draw against Gijon, followed by a win over Betis, he defeated Espanyol 6-0 and eventually beat Grenada 1-0.

Also since that period, Real has not been able to keep the net more than two games on the highest pitch in the country until a 0-0 draw against Atletico Madrid at La Liga last night. Before the Madrid derby, Real had two clean sheets in a row, including Osasuna 2-0 and defeating Sevilla 1-0.

Of course, after a difficult period of accumulation, coach Zidane found a clear path for Real, in the context of the attack strength of the team is no longer as strong as before. With guaranteed defense, Los Blancos will at least not have to lose a goal before thinking of an attack to end the enemy. It sounds a bit … cowardly, in contrast to Real's usual style, but Zidane's approach has brought the club a better look.

Atletico Madrid 0-0 Real Madrid

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