108 Additional characters want to confirm the "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"


Another Smash Direct came and went, Grinch leaked very dazzled, and roster rumors say the biggest of the whole – 74 characters in the whole Nintendo game history. Super Smash Bros. there is always plenty, but this is very ridiculous.

If Nintendo does everything, then really do everything. Here is 108 MORE suitable for playing we want to see characters Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. According to tradition, when a character appeared on the Nintendo platform, we consider them a fair game.

Chubby Cherub

108. Chubby Cherub

One of Nintendo's first console titles can have a small competitive edge Smash because he can fly, but we're sure Sakurai can steal it.

107. Dante

You know, a Devil May Cry series. Dante has appeared in the other releases and games, so why not give him a slot Smash?

106. Stanley to Bugman

Why does Mario need Donkey Kong's most famous nationality? The hero Donkey Kong 3 an auxiliary trophy, but we want to check the poison sprayer with the real Smash.

105. Rayman

They talked about the famous shield hero Smash which seems like a decade, why not take the trigger and make your fans happy?

104. Chibi-Robo

True, it's just a bit smaller than most, only 10 inches tall, but if Olimar can do it, the sweet little household robot who debuted at GameCube in 2005 can handle things.

103. Ivy Valentine

Nintendo rented Zelda a Soul Calibur series in the GameCube days, so Namco has to reimburse if Ivy has released Bayonetta with the "least appropriate character Smash. "

102. Strange Skinny Mario

The series has several tons of different links, but we need more Marios. Ask the bizarre fault "Skinny Mario" Super Mario Maker you can play.

101. Wonderful 101

With Hideki Kamiya's strange Wii U game you can control the heroes fighting against the mighty enemy. Originally a Smashlike crossover games, why not go the other way?

100. Isaac

The protagonist of the unholy indie hit Isaac's Binding shorter life span of all sorts of horror behaviors, but pocket monsters, karate warriors, and sexy witches may have too many of them.

Tempura shrimp

99. Tempura Shrimp

Bandai's bizarre 1989 horror parody Monster party one of the most distinguished bosses ever seen in NES and playing only one game Smash it was difficult but be honest: this giant evil shrimp tempura.

98. Spring Man

WEAPON was an attempt to create a new combat franchise that took advantage of Switch's unique controls, and although it did not spell out the world, it gave us entertaining characters to exploit.

97. Firebrand

Capcom's tides featured as Red Arremer Ghouls & Ghosts before playing a number of other Nintendo platform titles and playing in the game Marvel and Capcom series.

96. Manny Calavera

Insisting on the horror tip, how terrific it would be to see the skeleton detective Tim Schaefer Grim Fandango risen to defeat the bones in a fighting game

95. The Prince

Which prince? Why, the ball rolling workwear a Katamari Damacy games his father is the king of the cosmos with the blast of the blast – like other warriors.

94. Plot

This unusual SNES platform has the red and yellow heroes liked handshake – literally. Its main attack method was to extract high and painful enemies from the limbs.

93. Cooking mom

The rigorous yet lover of most popular portable and console titles brings blades, pans, and massive recipe books.

92. Billy Hatcher

Sega's egg-rolling hero could have been greatly rewarded for various special attacks Smash, and deserves special attention to the fact that it was the first time Sega played on a Nintendo system.

91. Sparkster

Super Nintendo hosts a number of "mascot platformers," all of which are likely to work well Smash. Let's go with this armored oposium with laser swords and jetpacks.

90. Endir

The brilliant mercenary hero I am Setsuna meet Super Smash Bros. UltimateWhile quite different enough to receive the reception.

Crash Bandicoot

89. Crash Bandicoot

Sony's Crash Bandicoo games, which hit the Switch, rumors were hot and heavy that the platformer character was the new Smash. It probably works very well.

88. Steve

Minecraft in many ways the ultimate multiplatform game and if Nintendo can get Microsoft to allow them to attach the default male avatar of the game as a fighter, it would be a coup.

87. Brothers

There were a few Unbearable Me tie-in games in the DS, so he officially makes a decent game Smash. Sometimes that's the reason we need it.

October 86

The hit physics-based indie puzzle stealth comedy is the main character of an octopus that pretends to be a normal father. He often fights for his life.

85. Jack Cayman

One of the saddest Wii titles, Crazy world a black and white fighter who depicted Jack, a malicious badass with a chain saw for hand and thirst for ultraviolence.

84. Goemon

THE Mysterious ninja the games might not have a lot of names recognition but they could only fill a box with the character screen.

83. Mr. Shifty

Switch the indie sensation Mr. Shifty a protagonist with the power of momentary short-distance teleportation – this ability is primarily used for crime. She would translate it beautifully Smash franchise.

82. Pockle

The protagonist Giftpia it does not seem like a bad idea, given that the whole game is causing a large debt to overlap. But stranger things happened!


81. The Amazon

Smash not really the kind of game where grappler characters are blossoming, but that does not mean that the archetype should not be ignored. Notorious villain a Pro wrestling, the mysterious Amazon likes to hang faces and pin fools.

80. Astro Boy

Osamu Tezuka's little robot hero has appeared in a remarkably large Game Boy Advance game and fits perfectly Smash Think of a Mega man with a higher mobility of air.

79. Take care of the wanderer

Chunsoft long-running roguelike hero has performed on Nintendo platforms so do not let it survive in a game where there are more lives?

78. Turok

The secret dinosaur hunter was a number of very successful Nintendo 64 first-person shooter stars, and we are confident that licensing costs are relatively inexpensive.

77. Bub & Bob

Smash you have already done the duo characters with the Ice Climbers, so do not use this formula for Taito's cute dinosaur stars Bubble Bobble and let them put their enemies into bubbles and bounced off the stage?

76. Amaterasu

The dog's star Okami the fighting game debuted Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but the brilliant attacks and the elemental forces could fit Smash too.

75. Juan

The two are masked Luchador's stars Guacamelee the games already have a robust movement that is perfectly suited for acrobatic combat on a 2D platform so we do most of the work.

74. Maxwell

THE Scribblenauts Games are famous for approaching the jigsaw solution, so what would happen if Maxwell's hero tried the same thing in the fight?

73. Skull Kid

One of the warriors rummaged the Grinch leaks, Skull Kid Ocarina of Time there would have been an explosion to play. Not too late, guys.

72. Starfy

The platform hero, developed by the TOSE studio, is about an internationally renowned, internationally acclaimed program of hundreds of other titles, worth your days in the sun.

Toejam & Earl

71. Toejam

Toejam & Earl a franchise that somehow managed to stop in the original example of the Genesis of 1991, for a new part of the coming year. The three-legged red alien is a lock Smash.

70. Earl

Can not one of them be without the other, right? Earl is the toughest hunter of the agile attacker of Toejam and see that we only have two seats.

69. Amigo

Beautiful. A Sega monkey mascot Samba De Amigo rhythm games can use a variety of maracas trademarks – or just play a duet on Donkey Kong on bongos.

68. Ryu Hayabusa

Yes, the game comes from Ryu Street Fighter, but its protagonist Ninja Gaiden the games have been intense, bony action by NES for days, so we need to involve them.

67. Nintendog

It is obviously unjust that the unexpected DS-small cute little puppies during the previous years Smash games. Let's get the dogs!

66. Otus

The protagonist Owlboy, the indie hit, which has taken an astonishing 11 years for development, is not particularly martial, but its unique ability to move can prevent it.

65. Kawase Umihara

The heroine a Umihara Kawase The innovative platformer franchise is spreading across the field with the fishing line, using momentum, droppings and stunned enemies. It sounds like a fighting game character to me.

64. Tony Montana

Scarface: The world is yours It was released in 2007 for Wii, which means that Al Pacino's legendary Cuban-born gangster is technically a Nintendo character.

63. Birdo

An egg-nosed dinosaur a Super Mario 2 become a favorite character of a fan and be great Smash a mixed range and melee attacks.

62. Cuphead

The wild, successful 1930s indie chassis and the ceramic shell of the artillery can easily enter the world Smash with some unique shades.

61. Wonder Boy

Hudson's mascot's shape has grown into a fantasy warrior through a franchise without a shirtless jungle boy, so many things can be taken here.

Untitled Goose Game

60. Libra

The feathered anti-ears Untitled Goose Game he'll be coming to Switch in 2019, but why not announce it Smash Ultimate before? The Troll loses forever.

59. Mike Haggar

The mayor of Metro City has a long and fruitful relationship with Nintendo for the first Final fight, de Smash you need more swords and more mustaches, so let's go.

58. Mike Jones

StarTropics one of Nintendo's less well-known franchises and the hero Mike Jones has been waiting for a great return for decades. Let me take yo-yo to the big stage.

57. Shelled Jim

The super-skinned boneless hero was a popular platform franchise at SNES, and the creator of Doug TenNapel is probably good at it.

56. Gumby

It is hard to believe that it was necessary until 2005 to take advantage of the video game Gumby license, but Gumby and Astrobots it was pretty bad, no one will do more. Give him some salvation Smash.

55. Sora

The hero Kingdom Hearts games raise Keyblade and join Squashoft Coorte Cloud Strife and probably not all Disney characters.

54. Aries A Cheetahman

If Nintendo really is a bare and meta, they would seize this character from an unlicensed 1991 game Cheetahs, which is a bad reputation for "Action 52" cartridges low-level efforts.

53. Captain Toad

It is time for Mario to step aside and let the casting of the sponsor have some time to shine. Captain Toad has got his own games, so let him do it Smash roster. What if he can not jump?

52. SpongeBob SquarePants

The rectangular submarine fast-food slave appeared on Nintendo systems at several licensed titles, why not grab the sweet, sweet money?

Shovel Knight

51. Shovel Knight

The Switch is an excellent platform for indie games and one of the greatest hits in the retro action platform Shovel Knight. Moving the secret hero to the mighty fight is just a good deal.

50. Taizo Hori

Yes, Namco's player Dig Dug the game has a real name, and that's Taizo Hori. The Pac-Man was last funny Smash, why not use another arcade classic pump hose?

49. Gon

The stubborn little T. Rex created by mangaka Masashi Tanaka had his own Japanese SNES game and also appeared as a hidden character Tekken 3. We just need this.

48. Blanka

THE Street Fighter the series is well represented by Ken and Ryu, but Nintendo has to come to Brazil and throw her favorite green-haired wild man so Blanka Ball up the ledge.

47. Namakubi

Sad and super odd NES game Zombie Nation that the players of the legendary samurai Namakubi's body were spitting on the enemy. Put it in Smashyou cowards.

46. ​​Tingle

He wants to be a "wild fairy" in the rune, and he thinks he's the best way to wear a skinny raft and behave strangely. Imagine getting a Tingle. Salt flows.

45. Takamaru

He is the protagonist of the old school Famicom game The mysterious Murasame mansion in the last few years there is some popularity, so let us know the samura here.

44. Gunvolt

It is one of the best action marks of the past few years Azur attacked Gunvolt, and the leader's targeting skills and electrical skills can entertain themselves Smash characters.

43. Quotation

The protagonist of the indie legend Cave story maybe it might look awesome, but he would be able to beat you if you want with countless guns.

42. Chorus Boys

THE Rhythm Heaven the games are wildly loved by the hard fans and we all wanted to see that this trio of goofballs brings the musicality to the big stage.

41. Balloon Fighter

Sakurai stated that the hero is an early NES game Balloon Fight a previously explored Smash but it is abandoned, so it has a precedent here.

The Giant is Doshin

40. Doshin the Giant

Smash there were characters that are smaller than the average, so why not turn the other way around with the big yellow hero of GameCube?

39. Daniel Lamb

Why exactly did Rockstar appear? Manhunt 2 the outrageously family-friendly Wii anyone I think, but that means a killer protagonist Daniel Lamb is available to strangle Mario with a plastic bag.

38. Meat boy

The impromptu platformer of the masocore has no offensive ability, but this did not prevent other fighters from entering the arena.

37. Dr. Derek Stiles

The protagonist Trauma Center a series of surgical toys can use his medical skills to hurt, not cure the battlefield a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

36. Zack & Wiki

Capcom's undervalued Wii puzzle adventure heroes all work together to find treasures that are full of treasures and Wiki can transform the objects with shaking and cool game use.

35. Bayou Billy

Since the 1988 debut, they have not seen the swampy NES survivor, but he is the only NES character to get his own Archie comic book to get a place here.

34. David Lee Roth

The Wii home had a lot of shovelware but it did not work Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which shows the digital recreation of "Hot for Teacher" singer, making him the part of the battle Smash Bros. arena.

33. Slenderman

Why not? Slender: Arrival reached the Wii U in 2015, which can be allowed for ugly creepy rodents Smash.

32. Wolves

Sonic may need somebody to keep company, and he's the perfect companion of the flying fox boyfriend. Otherwise, it takes too much time with Pikachu and we all know where it is going.


31. Solaire

It's wild wild Dark souls is now on a Nintendo system, and even though we doubt that the software will ever lend a character, we want to see this stupid knight appear in the battle.

30. The boy and the blob

The protagonists of David Crane's strange NES play a lot of aids – nourish the amorphous blob jellybeans and change everything they need. Provided you have the right flavor.

29. Mog

That's just Final Fantasy III (or VI, depending on how you want to see) one of the SNESs of all times is great, so why not bring the dancing moogle a little fighting fun?

28. Scott O Connor

Bayonetta is not the first video game warrior to attack his hair – it goes to the music of the 1991s Kabuki: Quantum Fighter, a digitized hero who screams his scooter enemies with his red red mane. Let's be wildly styled off the Switch.

27. Impa

Ásottunk Hyrule Warriors so why not bring one of the biggest bad things in the game – Impa, the bodyguard of Zelda, who slams the ass like the straw with the sword and the tassel.

26. Dr. Kawashima

The digitized image of the Japanese neuroscientist helped me to visit Brain Age games in DS, so let him defend his theories with the fists!

25. Shantae

WayForward's purple-haired semi-deaf debut with Nintendo's portable computer and another Wario Ware microgame is so his directory.

24. Block L

It does not deny that the original Black and White Game Boy's success played a major role Tetris, why not remember the franchise if we were fighting in the versatile L block?

23. King Hippo

The small Mac fits well, so do not go back Rash a massive fighter who has a weak point in the behemoth lung?

Professor Layton

Yeah, maybe he's a bit brain like the others but the fight is just another kind of puzzle, and this guy killing puzzles.

21. Travis Touchdown

No more heroes was one of Wii's most unusual exclusivities and Suda's 51 deadly bearded shooter killer awaits only the chance to jump into close combat, especially with a new sequel.

LABO Robot

20. LABO Robot

The peripherals of Nintendo's weird cardboard do not seem to fit Smash, but the exercise-driven robot can prove to be a huge fighter.

19. Mallo

The surprisingly strong sumo a Pushmo the games do not look too hard, but I learned lessons from Jigglypuff and will not be underestimated.

18. Viewtiful Joe

Capcom's great-power henshin hero's power to manipulate time and break the fourth wall make him a terrific fighter for his limbs in an absurd short term.

17. Bio Force Ape

The star of the long, lost NES game mutant chimpanzee did not see the light for twenty years, but maybe just waiting for the moment and moment Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

16. Sakuraba

The main character of Square The world is over you are struggling with bizarre creatures in a dreamlike environment, so be on a completely new platform.

15. Shrek

One of the funniest stories from the fighting game community is the 2005 GameCube title Shrek Super Slam. Take the bundle and see what he can do.

14. Cubivore

We already have a character who can steal his enemies in Kirby but the cult of GameCube Cubivore develops and companions that Kirby certainly does not do.

13. Frog

If we keep Cloud, why do not we deal with another swordsman with the classic SNES roleplay? Crono Trigger. There are plenty of human swordsmen in the game, so Sir Frog gets the nod.

12. Bomberman

Hudson's explosive planting hero appeared in dozens of games at his own franchise, but we wanted to see trapping characters on the frantic battlefield Smash.

11. Geno

The Grinch leaks are strong enough to be this magical puppet from the classics Super Mario RPG will appear in the last game, but we would also like to express our support here.

River City Ransom

10. Kunio-kun

One of the most popular NES games in Technos River City Ransom, allowing you to get angry on the streets and knock the bar out of the gang members to buy delicious food. The Kunio Princess – America is called Alex, but whatever it is – are preparing to bring the truncated arms Smash.

9. Simon Belmont

The whiplash Castlevania the hero has been linked to Nintendo since the beginning and is integrating with the motley team assembled here.

8. Bowsette

Nintendo has a real chance to pick up the mashup of Mario's greatest enemy and a real love of the fan Smash. Someone has moved in Super Mario 64.

7. Django

Konami's GBA adventure hero blurted a vampire gun that pulls power from the sun – the cartridge actually had a light sensor to encourage you to go outside and play.

6. Doomguy

Of course, this may seem a little bit extraneous, but if Solid Snake finds a home Smash surely the original FPS hero may appear. Let Doomguy jump out of Kirby's hellish hell to change.

5. Bonk

Both Nintendo's and Sega's platform series have masks, so why do not you love the hero of the late-fall, TurboGrafx 16 ancestry?

4. Goku

Dragon Ball Fighterz at the beginning of the year he landed on the Switch and the better way to borrow some of the nerd than to put Goku Smash?

3. Sans

Some games have a fan like rabid Undertale, and after the strange RPG switch was released, they began to speak out to give Sans a sensitive skeleton.

2. Mario Paper

It was part of the Toon Link Smash for a while, why not make a new move to the two-dimensional plumber, which was featured in the classic RPG series?


1. Waluigi

If not, we're in a hurry.

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