A man demands care from a desperate wife


The unemployed Bulawayo turned to the court, demanding 90 dollars of alimony from his wife, who works at a local supermarket.

The woman suggested that he would pay him $ 8 for maintenance. She was not revealed to her in court when the couple split up, but they have three children together.

The court heard that they had both been married for four years under ordinary law.

Mr. Simelinkosi Mendi said he wants $ 90 for maintenance because he lost his job in 2016 and now depends on his ex-wife, Mrs. Blessing Mendi.

"Ever since I lost my job, I was dependent on my wife and I was surprised when she suddenly told me that I was not interested anymore and that she wanted to leave.

"Before we could talk about it, she escaped, leaving the children in my care, and later she filed for the protection of three of our children in the West Court," he said.

"I tried to look for a job, but to no avail, and I am begging you for a court order that I will receive maintenance from my ex-wife."

When the magistrate Mrs. Ulukile Mlea asked Mrs. Mendi how much she was willing to offer, she said she could only afford $ 8.

"Your worship, I can not offer much because I look after children, I have a maid who needs to be paid, and I do not earn too much.

"I work in OK and I do not have a fixed salary, but it ranges from $ 100 to $ 120, with the exception of time, sometimes I earn less than depending on the hours I have worked," she said.

Mrs. Mlea said two that the marriage certificate is not "a certificate of bread for a lifetime", that's why Mr. Mendi could not demand money for his maintenance just because he was married to Mrs. Mendi.

"Spouses have the obligation to maintain one another in accordance with customary law, usually granted in situations where there is a significant difference in the income of the spouses or when the other person needs help in taking care of themselves," said the judge.

"In this connection, I am ordering Ms. Mendi to pay 30 USD for marital support with effect from the end of this month, and this order is valid until divorce, death or when Mr. Mendi returns to her feet."


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