Apple will stop publishing the number of iPhones sold


Pfft. There are several reasons why Apple should stop reporting iPhone sales? Third-quarter global smartphone shipments declined by 6%, in the fourth quarter of a row of shrinkage in Strategy Analytics reports. "The global smartphone market has declined for four consecutive quarters, and is actually in recession," said Strategy Analytics Director Linda Sui. Counterpoint Research's rival market forecasts have predicted that 2018 will be the first calendar year when smartphone sales are down, and I just got a link to the report.

They are inclined toward justice. Google, Apple and Facebook were among the 56 large companies that sent a letter to the Trump administration, which is contrary to any federal policy change that determines sex at the time of birth based on biological sex. Companies that represent more than $ 2.4 trillion in collective revenue claim to show solidarity with transgender, inadequate gender and intersex people. "Diversity and inclusion are good in business," they wrote. "Distinction generates tremendous productivity."

meow. CryptoKitties, the phenomenon of the digital currency playing of virtual pet trade, might seem flashy in the pan (especially if a cryptocytin was sold for $ 140,000), but serious investors see a sustainable business. Dapper Labs, behind the game, raised $ 15 million from venture capital between Venrock, Samsung Next and ABC's GV. In the somewhat strange financing news, the Zume robot package maker received $ 375 million from the SoftBank Vision Fund in a business that valued $ 2.25 billion. Robot pizza unicorn? Let's dance.

Ruff ruff. The new owner flickr looking for more revenue and lower costs. SmugMug, who purchased the Verizon Yahoo's notorious photo hosting site in April, claims that it is implementing a regulation that can contain up to 1TB of free storage and can delete all but the most recently read 1000 unread users.

Producer of polling station. Election Participation Records with Public Records and the new app Vote With Me uses them to let users know if everyone lists their addresses in their contacts and have voted in the last few selections. The idea is that the user then reminds his friends of the vote.


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