Ariana Grande tells her exes, she heard: "Thank U, Next" Before It Came Out


Ariana Grande on Saturday threw an unexpected single in which she turned to her former failed relationship, and even declared that some of her former exe, including Pete Davidson, Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez and the late Mac Miller.

As it turned out, a 25-year-old diva pop made her exe listen to the song before releasing it.

On Saturday, the Grande went to Twitter to respond to the Twitter user who wrote "Sean and damned hearing that names come in thanks," along with the "tangled" gif.

"They heard it before it came out," said Grande, along with the emoji of the heart and face.

Despite the fact that the title of the song sounds like a shadow, the lyrics of the song speak of a different story – gratitude for what she learned in previous relationships.

"I thought I was finishing with Sean / Ale to nie match / I wrote a few songs about Ricky / Now I'm listening and laughing," he sings in the song. "Even I almost got married / A for Pete & # 39; and I am very grateful / I wish I could say" Thank you "to Malcolm." Malcolm, of course, is the birth name of Mac Miller.

Grande continues with painful but reflective words: "One taught me love / Who taught me patience, and one taught me pain," as well as explicitly stating, "I am so grateful for my ex."

On Sunday Grande went to Instagram to share a special message of gratitude for her fans (and probably her exes as well), sharing a grim, lo-fi retrospective retro style, perhaps on the set of the upcoming video for her single. " breathin '. "

"Thank you for listening to me and for making me feel lonely," she wrote in the signature. "I am really grateful, no matter how painful, I am grateful and I love you."

Davidson shared similarly with the class and supporting comments on Grande during the weekend during "Weekend Update" Saturday Night Live.

After joking about the upcoming mid-election, Davidson turned to the elephant in the room.

"I know some of you are curious about breaking, but the truth is that it's nobody's business, but sometimes things just do not work, and that's okay," Davidson said seriously. "She is a wonderful, strong person and I sincerely wish her all happiness in the world."

For more information on the important pair relationship and possible division, watch the video below.


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