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UPDATE ONE: Epic Games has now released the latest Fortnite Season 6 skin and items in the in-game item shop.

Fans can log in, check out the new Wasteland Warriors Gear at Fortnite Shop, which will be available in the next 24 hours.

Two new skins can be purchased and Ruckus will pay a retail price of 1,200 V-Bucks and Mayhem at the same price.

Here is the new JunkJet Glider and Splinterstrike harvester, costing 1200 and 800. These leaked hides were first seen at the beginning of the week.

ORIGINAL: Now that Halloween was and gone, we would look at the new Fortnite Season 6 skins, which are not so ghoulish.

Within a few hours, a new Fortnite shop is released, reinstalling with new items and clothes.

Over the past few weeks, the shop has been heard by Halloween Skin and Design, some of which have been more popular than others.

Fans can now buy their new Rosa and Dante skins, all available at 1,500 V-Buck.

They are part of a new battery pack that includes the colorful Spirit Glider and Six-String Striker.

They will be replaced by new items and objects on November 4, Sunday 1 am.

The day of the dead inspired the fishing gear leaked at the beginning of October and probably replaced by other designs that the data miners also discovered.

The latest Fortnite update includes some new, new designs that will be available in the Fortnite Shop in the coming weeks.

As a rule, it is difficult to predict that these new items will be new to the Sunday, November 4, the Fortnite Shop update.

Patch 6,21 skin has a post-apocalyptic feeling and does not look like Mad Max's world.

Ruckus leather is rare, as well as Mayhem and Reflex suits. THE Flapjackie the skin is epic in the meantime.

There is an extremely detailed leaked Shogun dress, complete with accompanying items. It's a legendary skin, so it's better to save money if you want to buy it.

Perhaps Epic Games will choose something Legendary to enter the Fortnite Shop, as there is currently no such rarity?

We also have the chance to find something new for data miners.

Fans who are not interested in purchasing real cash in cosmetics should not worry about the lack of gaming benefits.

As the developer notes, when selling cosmetic items, items purchased at the item shop do not provide bonuses.

They are merely cosmetic, so fans should not worry about losing the fight with another player because they are paying for better equipment.

The battle gives V-Bucks a chance to buy the best equipment in Season 6.

The Tier 100 elements will be what everyone wants, though this is some commitment to meeting the weekly challenges.

Challenges are divided into hard and regular difficulty levels.

Fortunately, Fortnite challenges the net players to ten Battle Stars, while regular tasks sell their fans to five fans.

A special secret skin appeared in season 6.

We are only in the 6th week of the battleship so we will not know what the weekend of the 6th season will be closer to.


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