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James Gunn was re-appointed director of the "Galactic Guardians" after the publicized shooting

Over six months after he was released Galactic guardsJames Gunn has been restored as the director of the third installment of the Marvel series.

The filmmaker, which was released by Disney in July after the appearance of offensive ten-year tweets, will return to the series, confirmed on Friday in social media.

"I always learn and work on being the best human being I can be", the 51-year-old who was first and second The guards movies, written on Twitter.

"I deeply appreciate Disney's decision and I am excited about the possibility of continuing to create films that explore the bonds of love that bind us all. I have been and am still extremely humiliated by your love and support. "

Gunn, who has already written the script for Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3He joked about problems such as sexual abuse in the unexpected tweets in which he was removed from the movie.

The movie "Marvel's Watchtower" depicting L to R: Star-Lord / Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), Groot (Voiced by Vin Diesel), Rocket Racoon (Expressed by Bradley Cooper), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) and Gamora (Zoe Saldana). (Courtesy: Marvel)

Chris Pratt, Groot (voice of Vin Vinek), Rocket Racoon (voice of Bradley Cooper), Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldana in "Guardians of the Galaxy". Courtesy Marvel

"The offensive attitudes and statements found on Twitter's Twitter channel are unpredictable and inconsistent with our studio's values, and we broke up our business relationship with him," said Walt Disney Studios president Alan Horn.

Gunn's shooting triggered outpouring from the cast of the franchise, including the star, including Zoe Saldan, Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista, urging Disney to reconsider his decision.

This was confirmed by representatives of Walt Disney AP On Friday, Gunn was reinstated as a screenwriter-director.

During his release, the filmmaker apologized for his posts on social media, telling fans that his words were "completely unsuccessful and unfortunate efforts to be provocative."

"From that time I have regretted them for many years – not only because they were stupid, not at all funny, insanely insensitive, and certainly not provocative, as I hoped, but also because they do not reflect the person I am today or for some time time – he said in a statement.

Before he got back to work at Disney, Gunn signed up as a screenwriter and director of another part of Warner Bros & # 39; Suicide Squad, which is part of the competitive comic book universe, DC.

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