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Authors: Tendai Kamhungira

Leader of Prophetic Healing and Sacrifice (PHD) Walter Magaya poured out his heart about his legal misery, but said the silver lining was such that the government agreed to put out his controversial HIV / AIDS drug in clinical trials to make sure that he is safe and authentic.

Walter Magaya seen here in this picture FILE coming out of the Harare Municipal Court
Walter Magaya (second from left) seen here in this picture FILE coming out of the Harare Municipal Court

Speaking at the Waterfalls church during the Friday ceremony, which took place just after going to court, where he was accused of distributing and advertising drugs without the consent of the regulatory body, Magaya said he was happy to have the chance to prove the effectiveness of his product.

His arrest took place just after he appeared at a press conference in Harare with the Minister of Health and Child Welfare of Obadiah Moyo, where he apologized for criticizing the claim that he had discovered a drug for HIV / AIDS, through the herbal mix of Aguma.

"After I gave my public apology, with the minister, when I left the ministry building, I saw a lot of police, riots, but after talking to them, they reacted well and we went to the police camp.

"So I went to the police, issued a statement after giving testimony, asked me a few questions, around midnight, I was released, I came back home, I went to court today (Friday).

"I am not allowed to speak (about why he was arrested) and comment on this matter because he is already in court, but I will tell you one sentence.

"The reason I was arrested was because … they announced that I broke the law by announcing what I own without a license, but the good news is that yesterday I met the government, the minister, deputy ministers and other officials, and we agreed that they agreed to be tested, "he said with a loud applause from his audience.

"So, the scene we are entering now, my cry has always been, give me a chance, so I think … through the minister's voice, they agreed to give the product a chance," Magaya said wildly and enlivened her sighs.

Moyo told the Daily News yesterday that there are certain processes that must be followed to test the medicine.

"No one is above the law when dealing with clinical processes, they should obey the laws in force in this country, even if they apologized (Magaya), we said it was okay, but we can not stop the raids.

"Let me emphasize that no one is above the law." The laws of the country must be respected by everyone. They must apply through a permanent secretary and a team will be formed to deal with his medicine, "said Moyo, insinuating that the trial it has not started yet.

Magaya, who was released from bail on $ 300 bail, allegedly destroyed some of the exhibits, dropping herbs in the toilet and burning their containers, but some of the partially burnt containers were allegedly recovered during a search in his place in Marlborough.

According to court documents, a charismatic preacher is accused of being advertised on his TV channel that he discovered Aguma, which she claimed was a drug for HIV / AIDS, cancer and other ailments.

These sensational claims triggered a sharp response from both authorities and medical experts who firmly criticized this claim, arguing that this could destabilize the government's fight against HIV / AIDS, as some people are likely to default on their medicines.

However, on Friday, Magaya said he was willing and able to test this product.

"Even one person can not have it until he's satisfied." My words are still the same, never, there has never been a day when I would say that people have to stop taking anti-retroviral drugs, I never said that.

"People have to take medicine and it's very, very important. Remember, I always said medicine is a blessing from God, so I'm going to give what I have a very tight test, very tense to see if what I said is there.

"So today we are preparing a schedule on how we intend to do it.

"I do not know how scientists will decide, but (based on) my general knowledge, we choose volunteers … this is a process that scientists have to describe, so I will give them a chance to describe how the process works.

"But good news … after all this … they agreed to check in. For me … just to let them test … it's good news, that's the best news I received yesterday (last Thursday). .

"Please forgive anyone who needs to be forgiven, educate anyone who needs education." What the police did was right from the point of view of the law, "he said.

Magaya's claims, however, appear at a time when the government is currently on an ambitious, five-year HIV testing strategy for $ 103 million to increase the number of people who know their status.

Zimbabwe is characterized by an HIV prevalence rate of 13.7 percent, in line with national estimates for 2016. And it is taking action to eradicate the disease by acquiring the necessary medicines for people living with the virus. Daily news


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