Provisional driving license tests to be done digitally from December


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Road Safety Council of Zimbabwe declared that from 1ul December, a provisional driving license (PDL) will be computerized. This move is long overdue and will initially be introduced to the VID (Vehicle Inspection Department) in Harare.


Details on how exactly the interim test will work will be discussed in the PDA Indaba computerized system, which will be held at the headquarters of the Road Safety November.

Let us hope that part of the computerized driving test will also include the booking of these tests via the Internet. The manual system they have now is such a resistance and I remember when I had to write my initial test, I arrived at 8 and got the exam only at 12 noon. There is also an option to go back the next day, but that means more money for transport, so I really hope that people will now be able to book these tests remotely either online or even over the phone, if there is too much on the internet, what can you ask for .


Why go to the number?

It seems to be a good way to fight corruption, because VID has become famous because of many irregular tactics, if you want to get any form of certification. Perhaps the departure of a man from this process will improve him. I have recently heard that some drivers who want to sign up for the Cassaya Smarttech Vaya app are also asked for a bribe, and as these drivers will urgently need to secure their work and their car will be considered useful for road traffic, some will eventually pay.

The culture of corruption in VID has become uncontrollable and the electronic means they are introducing may hope to reverse this trend.


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