Second Black Box Eludes Search teams for Crashed Indonesian Jet


JAKARTA, Indonesia – Research teams scanned the Java Sea on Friday, hunted pingers from the second black box of a fallen Lion Air jetliner while the crew gathered wheels and other wrecks from a collapse that killed 189 people.

The wheels that the crane lifted with slippery water were the biggest wrecks so far hit


737 Max 8, which quickly disintegrated after the high-speed collision. The 610 flight crashed into fragments of pieces on a large debris land at the bottom of the ocean.

"Many bodies" were found in the neighborhood, he added officials, including some who still lock their seats.

The collapse of the 610 aircraft was the first major accident in the Boeing 737 Max 8, the latest version of the popular 737 walkway. The airplane was delivered to Lion Air for one of Asia's largest freight carriers in August.

The deadly accident of the Russian Air Boeing 737 aircraft in Indonesia is one of the worst disasters in 2018. The WSJ examines some of the major issues that have arisen since investigators are trying to determine the cause of the accident. Photo: AP Pictures

The flight data recorder memory unit, one of the two so-called. One of the black boxes came from boats out of the mud at about 100 feet deep. The second black box, the cockpit voice recorder, was not found on Friday, and officials said that four sites were being deployed for ping.

"I heard two yesterday [pings], but one was weak, "said Muhammad Syaugi, head of the research and rescue agency." But since then, there is no ping.

The signaling bodies issue signals for at least 30 days.

Officials claimed that sensors from the US were more sensitive to finding the cockpit voice recorder. Both recorders are key to determining the events that cause the accident.

Crime investigators say they are preparing to open the memory unit on Friday, officials said they missed the cover due to the collapse. The long titration process includes precise drying and cleaning steps.

"The black box is not in normal condition [and] we were worried that the data would be spoiled, "said Haryo Satmiko, Deputy Head of the National Road Safety Committee of Indonesia." We cleaned this morning and the process is being opened. "

Experts from the United States and Singapore will help.

The flight recorder records at least 25 hours of detailed information for the implementation of the aircraft's systems. On a modern airplane like 737 Max 8, it would record more than 1000 parameters from basic speed and altitude to issues like, for example, Location of flight control surfaces and flight control inputs by crew.

The length of the recruitment and the short nature of the flight could potentially allow investigators to review an earlier Sunday crew of the crew from Bali to Jakarta, unless the data was deleted as it is the case.

An Indonesian air traffic controller spokesman said the pilot had requested and received a priority take-over in Jakarta for this flight. According to Lion Air, the flight was experienced by what was known as a "technical question".

The data collected by Flightradar24, a flight tracing network, indicated that the plane encountered a steep speed and altitude readings both from Bali and the collapsing flight.

Herson, head of the airport authority in the Bali region, said the aircraft had raised a problem before Sunday flight, but was solved and the pilot set off to Jakarta. Mr. Herson, who deals only with one name, did not address the problem.

Indonesia is struggling with historic aviation disasters, and its carriers fly for many years for reasons of safety to the United States and Europe. The last restrictions were lifted in June this year.


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