The angry elves mourn the Egyptian bus attackers


The Islamic State Group claimed that there was a Friday attack that killed seven Christians returning to the Sacred Monastery.

FILE: The Egyptians gather at the funeral of the victims of the St Catherine Coptic Temple in 2017, in the southern Cairo church of the capital. Image: AFP.

MINUS – The mourners of Coptic Christians held a grudge over a night in a Central Egyptian hospital to receive the bodies of relatives who died of armed attacks on a prison bus.

The Islamic State (IS) group claimed that an attack on Friday killed seven Christians who returned to the Sacred Monastery of Saint Sámuel, the latest attack by the Egyptian religious minority.

A security source said that seven people were wounded in the attack on Minya City, the second such attack in two years, targeting the desert monastery.

In addition to Minya's main hospice, dozens of victim family members waited for the early hours of Saturday to receive the burial corps.

An elderly woman cried to her dead son and screamed when she was sitting outside the hospital's morgue.

"He was the best kid … I will not meet him again," he said when other mourners rushed to bring a coffin to an ambulance that was taken to a church for funeral.

Security forces were left alive outside the hospital due to fears of further attacks, while the roads were blocked up to the location of the shooting.

Bishop Makyai Minya visited the hospital to heal the mourners.

Another Coptic priest, asking not to name him, told AFP that 24 people were away from the attack and did not spend the night in a nearby village church.


"I would have to carry a gun when I pray or when I'm at home, because I can die when I go to church," said Michel, a 23-year-old bunny whose neighbor was killed in the attack.

He said that there were three sacrificial brothers.

"What do these terrorists want, do they want us to hate Muslims?"

On Saturday, a fired four-wheeled truck, which the witnesses said was used by armed groups of white galabiya robes, was on the scene of the attack.

The residents attacked the car and handed two passengers to the security forces.

As Egyptian Christians attacked with the latest attacks, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi II. Chapter Pope II. Tawadros was called to offer his condolences and listened to a silence in a youth forum he attended.

The Christian minority, which makes up 10% of 96 million people in Egypt, has been targeted by the Islamic State's jihadist group several times in recent years.

In May 2017, masked gunmen ordered the Christians to travel to St. Samuel to get off their buses and repatriate their faith.

The group refused and was shot down one by one, with 28 people dead in the IS-claimed attack.

IS killed more than 40 people in twin bombs in April 2017, and an IS armed man killed nine people in December in a church church in a suburb of Southern Cairo.

In February 2018, the Egyptian army launched a major attack on IS in the Sinai Peninsula, where the group had been killed since the fall of Mohammed Morsi's Islamist President in 2013, following the assassination of hundreds of soldiers and policemen.

The military assault, named as "Sinai 2018", has killed more than 450 jihadists by an estimated army, with about 30 soldiers killed.

Copters have long complained about discrimination in Egypt and IS is not the only group that has launched sectarian attacks against the community.


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