Trump suddenly spoke Chinese trade only a few days before midterms


A week ago President Donald Trump told the crowds in the White House that he had sent a message to Chinese President Xi Jinping.


This week is not the first time that the market relies on reports that the United States and China are approaching a business. A similar situation emerged during the summer. Finally, these negotiations did not mean anything – an officer told the CNBC that "there was no doubt" the relationship between the two countries.

The protracted nature of the negotiation process has left some acidity in the mouths of some investors.

"I want the White House to bring us an agreement that we celebrate," Ward said. – It will not happen.

Trade begins because the president has many other political proposals at the last minute, which experts are unlikely to do, at least on the timeline recommended by the president.

The president said last month that his administration is working on a "resolution" that will reduce medium-term elections in interim elections, despite the fact that legislators left Washington. This decision is not yet implemented.

He also pledged to sign the execution order that would eliminate birthday citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants, which, according to experts, would lead to a comprehensive interpretation of Amendment 14 of the Constitution – which is outside the executive's executive. Trump said the question would be resolved by the Supreme Court.


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