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Widow is another barely observed image of Africa

I have to be honest when Amazon is right, they do it right. A case of, for example, their character from the character of Tom Clancy & # 39; ego, Jacek Ryan. It is a thrilling tale of deception, murder and terrorism. Usually now, when T.V shows episodes on terrorism, it usually includes handsome, fearless macho American agents who frustrate cartoonish outfits that carry terrorists who want to destroy America for no reason other than malice.

Seriously, but you should check Tom Ryan's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

Widow is something else

The reverse side of the coin is that when something goes wrong, they are really wrong. I should know that I spend 8 hours of my life watching their new series: The Widow. After the Black Panthers, it is a return to the western story of a series that we do not want.

In this Africa there is one endless jungle, Africans have AIDS, are poor and all live in poor towns that make favela in Brazil look like paradise. White people are smart and good, Blacks are bad and stupid. Behind every business is a white person.

Kate Beckinsale takes a break from the Underworld to play a white barbie who comes to save us all. Like all major actors in inadequate action productions, he kills the treasures of evil white and black men and leaves the continent unscathed. It is indestructible even in the face of entire armies.

Yes, I could waste your data packages by telling you about the story of this series, but I'm not going to do it. If you were thinking about seeing this or seeing a disk with this nonsense being sold by a salesperson, I'm here to tell you to save your dollar, buy a banana or something.

I should know that I was watching the whole thing. I went 8 hours of my life.

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